Bugged players in ranking

Two players on top 10 appear to report incorrect number of trophies

lion3000uae - has 1971 trophies but on top 10 with 3006

Fibonnaci 2517 triphies reported on top 10 as 3001

Makes me wonder if this might be impacting matchmaking.

Also top 10 is pretty much all lower level now. Real mess…


Hello Renairdor, 

Thank you for the report, we will look into it. 

Would you have any Screenshots of these players as well by any chance? 

Thanks in advance. 

I saw this to but didn’t look into it because lion300uae was so easy to beat. Never clicked onto it with all the other problems

I only have if for lion3000

I look for that player and say, player doesnt exist

You are bugged too Renaidor :slight_smile:  you are the only player in game I can’t always beat but I get there haha


:wink:  cheers Sibbear

Glad to hear you have a tough time with them, I’ve been investing non-stop on defence for over a week. Nearly hit max of all towers/walls for my current wall/temple level. 

What ascension level are you btw?