Buggy Athena

I’ve equipped Athena with Cyclops, Phoenix, and Minotaur.  When I invoke Ariadne’s Spindle, only Cyclops appears (and even then, only once).

Depend of your Athena morales and her level. Below level 12 Heroes have big morale square but not much. so cast Minotaur,Cyclop,Hydra,etc… can be only 1.

Remember Cyclop cost 8 Morales,Phoenix 14 Morales and Minotaur 6 Morales. So depend at the moment you have cast the invocation Ariadne Spindle if at this moment Athena have only 8 morales then its normal just 1 cyclop go out. 

Minotaur 6

Cyclop 8

Hydra 10

Griffin 12

Phoenix 14

1 square = 1 Morale so to cast 1 cyclop you need 8 square. cast 1 hydra you need 10 square

Like Cadmus its possible the computer only make appear the first one you have put there. If its Cyclops the computer will cast Cyclops. Like Cadmus If I put siren first then the computer cast only Siren. its not a bug just the feature work like this.

So if you want more Phoenix be casted put order : Phoenix,Minotaur,Cyclops

So if you want more Minotaur be casted put order : Minotaur,Phoenix,Cyclops

1st and 2nd have more chance to be choosen than the 3rd one. So put the one you want in 1st and 2nd and the one you want less in 3rd

What do you think the ariadne spindle invocation does? This is important. 

Why do you use Arinande spindle with a nerfed Athena?You are better off using Cadmus Unique spell.

I do not use inovacations but some heroes works great with certain invocations.

You should use invocations first on your base and in diffrent layout designs to find out best spells for invocations.

Then use them in real battles.

I hope this answers your question.Athena isn’t bugged but you need to learn how to use her with or without invocations. 

Hey @Danjathes

As HOLYDIVINE said, it isn’t a bug. Therefore I moved your topic to Help & Questions.

While Warriornator’s answer is good, Dheth’s one is more accurate, depending you’re on manual or autoplay:


I appreciate everyone’s help. :slight_smile:

I’ve reconstituted my units and Athena is doing much better now.