Bugs section being monitored by Developers?

Just a question to understand how things currently work here. I was made aware that in OR Forum the bugs section is watched by the “Quality Assurance” team (do we have such a fancy thing for RR2?). See also here:

Is this the same for RR2 Forum, Madlen?

Right now, I am not sure if it is really better to directly post into Bugs section if another possible bug appears. It seems things get forgotten there as there is less interest by players in this section and also not so much feedback from developers on what is being looked into.

Also, I do not like to repeat myself, but creating a public list of known bugs would be reeeeeally helpful to the community (and the Devs too, probably ?).

Yes, the bug section is monitored by Quality assurance for OR and RR.

Please post all bugs in the bug section. If a “game-breaking” or another huge bug appears such as the multitouch issue, I will also update about it on the Official Announcement section.

Also (I might as well do another post about this later, so this is not just in the comment section somewhere - it was on my list, but you beat me to it with your question :grinning:

Please make sure to include the following information whenever you are reporting a bug:

Device of the affected player

Operating system of the affected player

Steps to reproduce the problem

Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)

For how long has the bug been occuring_?_

Providing as much information and details as possible will help us to categorize and fix problems as soon as possible.

Thank you.

It would just be extremly helpful if a member of staff who has read the post just posts “Seen it, thanks” in the thread of the bug. 

That way players could be sure it has been acknowledged. Currently you are just always on the bubble if the post has been seen. Not expecting anything fancy, just a simple “ack” would be enough.

Maybe to consider …

If you look at the bug section, you can see that this is been done already :grinning:


nope, regrettably not

many threads without this “thx for reporting” amswer of mod/dev

but things got at least better, thats true