Build a tower icon does not show up?

Ok, I am the king… want to build a tower only 2 choices are see myself and donkey? Where is the tower icon?  *****? Up in middle of night cant build… super!!

I know you are leader and also on the map for sure, since you played all conquests so far.


We are already building, so I expect this to be an error. Can you click on another person of your team and see if you can build there? Otherwise it’s a bug and due to day of in Germany… 

Can other persons like generals and sergeants build?


Nevermind … apparantly half our area cannot be built on because sandy hills do not build? Wonderful…thanks for trying Dena4

On sandy hills we can’t build? So that’s why I made the mistake of building nearby stronghold, just one tile too far away?. ‘Nice’, then how we create a highway for watchtowers of claimed land? By upgrading some to level 2+?


I guess… I am stuck in sand sludge for 2 hrs… lallalaa

correct, you cannot build on the Sandy Hills.  they are barely higher in travel time than regular sand though.



I think we can call this conquest the sand pit. Only found a little piece of grassland near the edge of the map, rest only desert, mountains plus sand hills. They eat energy like hell an moving forward to explore takes a lot of time. 

And once again pretty high research costs, we did some research and now need next research that will take 54% of our max wisdom storage, which of course we don’t have yet. I don’t see this as an improvement. Will be a boring conquest, this sand pit.

Yep and the matching is a horror. 9 days of hell…  woo hoo