building towers

when one wants to build towers in the conquest game but doesn’t have any workers.  so, how does one get workers to build towers and upgrade them?

It took me awhile to figure how to get soldiers.

You must wait for the workers cooldown to end. Then the workers will become available again. 

A specific set of workers are provided in the conquest menu. Those are different from workers a player has. Conquest workers are for the whole alliance. Lets assume you have been given 6 workers. But you said you didnt have any worker left. That means all the 6 workers are busy in constructing new towers or upgrading them. The whole allinace should discuss about where to make towers. Which towers to be upgraded. If you wont discuss these things players will ramdomly create and upgrade towers which wont benefit the ally. 

Here is a screenshot of my conquest showing our workers. We have 2 workers available now. 

Now i can start or upgrade any tower instantly. But if there is no worker available means all are busy in upgrading towers and the button shows 0/6 i have to wait for one worker to finish the on going construction. 

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do all the players have workers at the start of the game or is it just assigned on case by case by the leader of the alliance?



Only Leader, generals and sergeant can build watchtowers.

Yes, though they can have a worker build a tower at any location an alliance member’s token is sitting on.

The workers are per Alliance and as noted, the leader, Generals, and Sergeants can use them. Hence those players need to understand when where and how to use them.