Building waves past 43?

Do you all find it worth it to build waves past 43 and why?

Yes, it’s worth it. Imagine a first wave of 46. This gives you options with high morale troops that otherwise aren’t possible.

For example Necromancer, Wolf, Necromancer. That makes sure that heros with blizzard will need to waste that blizzard to prevent wolf howling. The necromancers will force the raider to use other spell to damage the necromancers or they slow down the raider. That start is only possible with max wave (46 morale). 

Those 3 extra morale just gives you the options to put high morale troops and monsters inside a wave. And more combinations of course are possible. 3 morale extra even might give you the option to put an extra froster inside a wave, which could be a serious problem at choke points. Troops get frozen and will not join the army.

So it’s definitely worth it. It’s expensive and takes a lot of time to upgrade all 9 waves to max morale, so better do it now.

What have we to do with our time and gold, now update still not there?

Will get back to working the 1st through 3rd waves past 43 then. Thanks