bullying , farming ,nothin personal :)

So im reading a lot about bulling when in fact its just raiding for gold ( obviously not always) but that what I mean ,we all get raided, sometimes constantly,those raiders then sit in the history box on average for a week or so,we all then have the option to raid them back ,constantly if we choose ,and sometimes the matchmaker is not giving good gold bases so I will go into my history and raid the good gold bases until they drop off the list. There is nothing personal in this from me and once your gone unless the matchmaker throws you back up then im farming sum 1 else on the bad run days . Simple. BUT sometimes people take this personally and ill get a visit from stronger alliance members :). im fine with this, its all part o them game ,loyalty is an admirable quality. I have regular people who pop up on my list all the time and if im giving good gold then good on them. So don’t get it twisted guys if it falls under the catergory iv just described  then it is smart game play and not bullying. Inconvenient ,annoying or helping out the RR2 community,its all in how we look at it, after all it is  "just a game’. happy raiding people 

You are correct Bubba, it’s a game of raiding and we all do it for fun. Most of us won’t have the intention to bully a person.

Main reason for me to raid some players more often is due to lack of good matchmaker. I try to use matchmaker often, but there is something seriously wrong there. It is rare that persons are offered with loot above 300k, unless they are fully boosted and with our activated boosts during recess, those bases can be too much.

Maybe the problem is that I am too high/low in trophies and happen to be in the wrong range where good loot is available. Even after paying 4k+ gold for a respin I often get opponents offered with a lousy 7k - 45k. That must be some kind of sick joke, such opponents should not be offered at all.

When the excuse is that those players offer less, because they are raided too often, why they pop up as possible opponent anyway, the one that created the matchmaking algorithm should have filtered them out to prevent many raidings. At least after paying gold, some descent loot should be offered. Due to this I understand that some players start to add players that give good loot to their favorite list and check them instead.

I ignore players that raid me, I am not looking for revenge. I understand that they are just looking for good loot and I every now and then leave some gold unprotected just for others to grab. Maybe I am an easy target with easy loot for them. Only the ones that keep raiding three times in a row several times a day are asking for it. They can expect that I respond and even that is fun to do. In fact those daily harassers are doing me a favor, they test my base for free (some gold in fact) and they notify me that my base has improved enough when they start to fail. The best ones are the ones that leave gems behind while raiding, those can expect a ‘friendly visit’ to seduce them to raid more often.

I can understand that when someone is raiding your base every day multiple times, that some higher members of his team will start retaliating. It’s no more and no less a sign like back off, if you keep raiding our members, we will raid you in return. We protect our members.

My only suggestion is that players should leave some gold unprotected. there is no need to be afraid to lose some gold. There is a max limit that can be lost for a certain amount of gold. And that loss is compensated within a few raids, when more people do on gold sharing and leave some gold for grab.

I’m very grateful to the ones that raid my base. I can get  stagnant after a while playing where I’m not raid and leveling like I should. They make it fun for me ,especially if they are a little stronger.

Currently i found a player, who gives me 850k XP in three raids every hour.
Nothing personal of course. As i have nothing to upgrade right now, i raid him
quite often (he doesn’t give much gold).
I don’t mind being raided (back), i even have an open base: gold for the masses :wink:

Whenever I “bully” a player is only because I can beat his base while getting a high amount of medals for the league, or maybe he usually offers good loot :slight_smile:  

Yep, the people who raided my base, they also test my base. Seems like my base are quite good because some players failed and gave me tons of trophies. Btw from this I have also thought of new strategy: Build a good base that kills you everytime, have much gold to attract players, and then wait to earn lots of trophies ;)). By this strategy I have reached 2100 trophies while I´m just only in level 67…

And here is proof. Enjoy! :wink:

nice, 2100 trophies. i did the same idea. pushed to 5400 trophies overnight. great idea!

Thanks bro. This is the best and safest strategy I have ever seen to earn trophies :))