Burninator Alliance - Information Page

Hello all, For those of you wishing to obtain more information about the Burninator alliance, here it goes. First off, We ARE currentlyrecruiting. Here are our requirements:

  • Must have a level 10 alliance tower (able to donate 250K daily).
  • Must participate in the Alliance Wars with a minimum of 3 attacks per battle!  
  • Must keep a strong defense up for the duration of Alliance Wars.
  • Must make daily donations.
  • We are only accepting players ranked with 4000 trophies or above.
  • We are an English speaking alliance, but we don’t discriminate. :slight_smile:

***For current members, you have been grandfathered in and just need to make upgrading your alliance tower to level 10, your first priority (and of course continue daily donations). Additional donations (that require real money) are not required, although they are of course appreciated and will help grow our alliance! Here is the most important thing that I would like to communicate: If you are in our alliance at this point (and are doing the above requirements), you will never be removed from the alliance! I want our members to be able to rest assured that they are safe and that this alliance is theirs. I doubt that we will ever be the number one alliance (that is reserved for “SK: United Realms” and “Vanguard Legion” to fight over), but I am pretty certain that we will remain in the top 10 alliances, and hopefully the top 5! We will not fight to increase our rank by kicking out our members and trying to recruit new ones with higher ranks. We will only increase rank as our alliance levels up (maybe though additional cash donations), and as our current members increase in rank. Thank you to all those that have joined our team and contributed!~Trogdor

Well your words kinda assuring , no wonder a few of my ex alliance member joined burninator seems like they have a great leader  :slight_smile:

Thanks Fii Nami, I appreciate it! Best of luck to you and your alliance! :slight_smile:

Just gained a level, so we have 1 new open slot. Post your info below if you meet the above requirements and would like to join.

We just hit level 35. It looks like we only have 5 levels left until we max out. If you are interested in joining please apply early, space is limited and almost gone! :slight_smile:

can i join? I am still upgrading my tower to make donation about 100k is it ok? i am ranged 3400+…

Thanks for accepting me Trogdor!

I’ll support the Burninator the best I can!

Evelthon, we are glad to have you on the team! :slight_smile:

King Joelie, keep working on upgrading your alliance tower and you will be a value to any alliance! We are full at the moment, but feel free to message me or post here when you meet the requirements, I will keep you in mind.

Great Job Trogdor… :slight_smile:

What do we gain by upgrading alliance level once we reach max number of players? I didn’t notice any new Elite Boost options or any change in gold boost with the last level 36 upgrade.

I believe level 36 was a boost to the bomb tower’s elite boost. level 37 increases the Holy Paladin elite boost… I’m not sure about the last 3 levels… Hopefully something useful.


bomb towers and paladins are not that useful to use, even with max elite boosts 

but elite canons, frost traps, wolves, ogres and even barricades do make a significant difference in defense/attack strategies. 

Max level barricades are almost impossible to get through when boosted they have like 25000 hp and fire doesn’t hurt them like they used too. Boosted Wolves are so fast if you put them in 4 straight waves they all get to the king before the first one dies, I like the cannons as well. My archers aren’t  max level so can’t say about them, haven’t had much success with the boosted knights or paladins against high level bases.

I would rank them

  1. Barricades

  2. Wolves

  3. Cannon

  4. Ogres

  5. Frost Trap

  6. Arrow Tower

  7. Archer

  8. Knight

  9. Paladin

  10. Bomb Tower


I have no problem with forming alliances with those other groups. None of them are in my favorites list.

Alliances with other alliances seem moot as it’s not enforceable. Also, rank 1 & 2 alliance members occupy higher ranks and counter to objective of acquiring trophies to increase gold boost. IMHO not a good idea. Furthermore, while searching for opponents, the bulk that show up are from rank 1 & 2 alliances for me. If I had to cycle to find a suitable match it becomes too costly and cumbersome. Besides I like farming them.


I say ‘NO’.

I agree with Alan. 

I see no real benefit in entering a no-attack agreement with the SKs. I’m not yet a worthy opponent for them, but when that day comes I wouldn’t like to have a reduced pool of high level opponents. That will come at a cost of my medal and gold gains, with no actual gain.

On the other hand, the SKs, as on average higher level players than most of us will have an advantage of not been attacked by our alliance since the trophy and medal gains are favorable on our side, not theirs.

Have nothing against the SKs, I think most of them are great guys, but hey my kingdom should Rise, and I see it Rising only through the almighty BURNINATOR!


Also Alan, Trogdor, and everyone else, thanks for the generous donations! However I am experiencing a 0 trophy , 0 gold matches right now and I don’t know if you guys see it too, but if this is the case then Flare should refund our alliance with the premium gold spend since our elite boosts are going to waste right now. Please let me know, so I can go and bitch about it as I usually do on the bug reports forum.

For a fix to the 0 0 0 problem, take a look here: http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1031-0-0-0-bug-useful-info-may-be/

What boost you get in Alliance lvl 36-37? Thx

36 - Range Bomber

37 - Holy Paladin

Hey leader of Burninator . Can you help me? how many slot to active “Raging wolf” level 2?