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I want to join but my alliance tower sucks lol

aww dont be shy, mani. whip it out

Lol hucky i am a gem poor king

Guys, we are now the alliance who can have the largest number of members(51 max) since we have also the highest alliance level on the game (lvl46). That means that shortly we can be no1 ranked alliance on the game on both categories (trophies & alliance level) Right now we have 7 free spots! If you meet our criteria( high trophy rankings and max alliance tower) please speak to our leader : Breath of Trogdor Good luck in becoming a member of the family!

One more important milestone for the Burninator! Today we reached the maximum alliance level, level  50!! That means that we can accommodate up to  55 members , so currently we have 7  seats available! That won’t stay for long though, since usually who joins our alliance stays in forever (nobody gets kicked unless he kills someone and everybody likes it here :stuck_out_tongue:

cool Burninator got max alliance , hope Todesritter will rise soon but in the end the alliance war is what matters , could be a good idea for me to comeback by that time   :grinning:

Just wanted to share something wonderful that happened few days ago in the alliance. One of our members,announced that he is going to empty his space for us because he has to be away for his work duties for some time, therefore not allowing him to do any daily donations. Immediately, another member -not the leader- asked him to stay  and gave more than enough donations on his behalf, just so we can keep him with us. This another one time where our members have shown the true Burninator spirit, thanks gals and guys for keeping the flame burning strong :slight_smile:

After two saddening departures, the Burninator has now two free spots. 

Guys and gals, if you have a max alliance tower and 4K+ trophies, please send  a message to our leader (Trogdor) and good luck joining our family!

Burninator is officially the first alliance to reach level 55! Defense is AWESOME!

We have slots available now.

Do PM me if you are interested and enjoy the awesomeness of 100% health Raging Wolf!

i want to join your alliance please reply me in message ok 

Hi Vishal, I have replied you.

Thank you for your interest in Burninator.

Thank you very much  :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for those who have PMed me.

All available slots have been filled.

Nevertheless, keep PM me if you are interested in joining us.

We will send invites once there is available slots!

Hello Everyone,


I lost my log in information to this account and just recently got it all figured out.  I apologize to anyone that had trouble reaching me, but I wanted to let you know that I am back and will once again be checking this daily.


I can’t wait for the alliance wars to begin!!!  =)




We have an open slot available, message me if you meet our requirements and are interested!  

Trogdor, Good luck.

Ign : * trai thanh hoá *



Burninator is back and we are looking for more members :wink: . (if your an old member feel free to come back, we would love to have you back)

Msg me if you are interested in joining, we aren’t the same top 10 alliance as we were but we sure hope to come back to it.

We are looking for at least 150k (250k+ preferable) daily donation as well as players who are active in wars (min 3 battles) as well as ninja events.

We just hit level 62, though not the first alliance to hit it we do offer the basic offence and defence boosts ( knight, archer, trap, bomb tower, cannon, ogre, wolf and pro boosts)

What you waiting for? come join us :slight_smile:  .


Strong soon