Burninator is back!

Hello fellow Royal Revolt 2 players

Good news. For all those that don’t know, Burninator has successfully got itself back on its feet and is starting its push up to the top rank. For anyone who wishes to join, Please feel free to message me in Burninator or my general (Xxmeglad0nstarkxX or Strong soon)


  • Donate 500k+ 

  • 6/6 Every fiefdom

  • Active 

  • can beat 3.5-4k trophies bases without too much difficulty

Boosted currently are Knight, Archer, Barricade, Cannon, Ogre, Wolf.


Come and join the best team in the game!

Strong soon

Join Burninator!

Deschambeaultmathieu is my ign …I’m from all stars but there is a lack of participation