Burninator looking for strong members

hello everyone, currently burninator is ranked top 100 level 55 currently we have a lot of slots free minimum requirements are: - 4000 trophies and 150k donations -donations must be done daily -10 fights on every war (or as much as possible if u don’t have anough food) what we offer: -Permanent: blazing knights,stunning ogre,raging wolf, we’re working to get barricade -Occasionally: variable/7 power archer, variable/4 ranged bomber -advice on base design etc you can contact me in game : flamer0 or make an apply request directly here or in game see ya around

I’ll join! Oh wait, I’m already in it. Good post though, flamer.

i deserve a candy for this

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great alliance!

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Hi, I know I’m below your requirements, but I upgrade constantly, I use all attacks in war and am working on upgrading alliance tower to 150k. I’m looking for an active experienced alliance to advise me through my growth. I am hero lvl 40 and would like the opportunity to prove my worth. I am fiercely loyal to those loyal to me. Thanks for your time. (Ign Gaffah)

hi i was looking at your guild and thought it looked great but im just shy of 3.1k trophys (my old guild never ran boosts even during war season) i was wondering if you would let me join despite the slightly lower trophys because i have 500k donation tower that i can use every day and will attack 10/10 on every war gladly im VERY active and ALWAYS improving offense+defense + looking for a helpful guild i sent you a friend request in game so we can discuss i hope that is still ok

@gaffah: i appreciate that you took a minute of your time to check on topic and guild, but we really need players that can fight in wars and get good donations,please come back when u have the requirements we ask (which can also change in time)


@monkeys: thanks a lot for checking topic and making request, you’re in the carriage baby

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we need good fighters, come in

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