Busy schedule

Not going to waste much time of this but…

The current war season ends on 7 September in the afternoon (CET)

On 8 September the “boost your castle” event starts in the morning. This ends on 9 September in the morning (1 day wtf?!).

And to top it off we start the Ninja Apocalypse on 9 September in the afternoon.


Now slowly read the dates again, bit too much isn’t it…

I know it’s all ‘optional’ and you don’t have to participate etc. But I like to participate and this is in my opinion waaaay too much in a short time period. The old system where we had war, 2 days to chill and then an event was pretty good in my eyes.


Bananenbier :sunglasses:

I do not understand what is flaregames up to? Have you lost your brains? How will the low and mid tier players catch up with these one day post-war season upgrade events? You are blinded by the greed for sucking every last penny off buyers. In this process you have killed the fun quotient of the game. Your ninja event sucks. Nobody likes it except for those pearls. You are putting the final nail in the coffin. Better start digging your own grave now.

Flare doesnt care about the low and mid tier players, they dont pay their salary. Flare cares about top 20 alliances and top 1000 players. As long as they are “forced” to participate to keep up and be in their alliance, Flare gets their money and theyrr satisfied. I bed if the game dropped to below 5k players, Flare wouldnt give a shit.


It is true that there is no real break besides a progress event between a War season and a Ninja event.

There are two full break days between a NInja event and a progress event though.

Nonetheless, the feedback has been forwarded.

I like this new change and it is indeed optional.

Why complain on something that you are not forced to take part of anyway lol

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen complaints before that the game is boring between wars and most of you (people complaining before) doesn’t really bother to play during breaks, unless you need gold for upgrades.

The schedule looks busy, indeed but in my opinion only looks that way, and in fact, to me it has quite a lot of advantages. Why ?

  1. A war - yeah, you  rather need to play as a member of alliance

  2. A short event - one day is not much, though, on the other hand, how many of you been complaining about lack of gold during those 3 day events ? how tiring it was when you really forced yourself to make as many upgrades possible during those 3 days ? Now it looks more enjoyable to me, I will play for a couple of hours during that event, will make one, two, three upgrades and that’s it, it’s over and I’m happyc (I assume thanks to that we should see more gold around as well). Secondly, there are many different events, we don’t take part in every event, we don’t enjoy every event etc.

  3. Ninja event - if you don’t want to, you don’t have to play (not like alliance wars where you kind of have to play), even with yout minimal effort you will still get some kind of reward (even if it’s  a crappy reward, it’s still better to get it for doing nothing than get nothing, don’t you think?). Also, ninja events (based on the only one we had so far) was a great way of farming gold and medals - so basically it is something you would do normally during a break between wars - either farming gold for upgrades or not playing at all. Ninja events is actually  a break time to me - one event I will play and aim for top rewards, the other day I will play casually, not a big deal.

  4. Again a short event which I explained above (actually as ninja event lasts only for 3 days, not 5 like wars, so in a long run we get events more often, so it’s ok they are shorter).

  5. Another war.


As I said, to me it only looks busy. Alliance wars are the only time when you basically have to play a bit, whatever happens between them is your personal choice. Though, I’m not aware how many days are actually between wars, before if I’m not mistaken breaks were 5 and 6 days, not  sure if it’s still the same or something has changed. If we still have 5 days of a “break” (full of events) I’m ok with it because mostly wars are tiring and boring to me but it is my personal opinion.

If I’m not mistaken somewhere in between there is a day of two of no events so basically nothing changes to much. Before we had a 5-6 break with a 3 day event, now during that time, between wars, we will get two shorter events and a ninja event which as I said is basically something you would do normally during that time.


I agree. We have asked many times for this - just look at the forum history conversations - so Flare did actually listens. :slight_smile:

These extra events are not alliance events - so there is no peer pressure. No one but yourself will know if you skip them. :slight_smile:

I say 1000+ for these new initiatives. As a bare minimum it shows that this game is not dead or dying.  :slight_smile:

(I believe the real reason why there are so much complaining about RR2 is because we all care deeply about this game. We care so much that we will advertise announcements that we plan to leave, are going to leave and when we leave. We will announce it and take a screenshot of our lvl 100 king! Why bother? Because we care on a deep emotional level about this game. And when you care emotional you will get mad :angry: , glad :slight_smile: and sad :slightly_frowning_face:  - this is a very good thing)

Here you hit the bullseye. Indeed, most of us care about the game even when we complain. A complaining player cares, one who doesn’t care just uninstalls the game.

I agree, I also reached the point of starting to lose interest (I think more of us do and we all have our reasons). For me it’s due to last problems with constant disconnects and crashes after a successful war raid, when those things happen, my pleasure with the game is going downwards, but still, I take time to reconnect time after time and play like it never happened.

Still I realize that I have been playing this game for almost 2.5 years right now and that’s something I haven’t done with any other game. So I still have many credits left for this game, even when we experienced many problems lately. Let’s put our positive shoulders under it and have fun playing. It’s a game :slight_smile:  we care about.

To me, most event are rest time.Aside from defense boost event I dont need to farm endlessly in other event as does everyone I’m sure.But I still would welcome 2 extra days of break in the cycle.

I would suggest a repeat of the same event before and after the ninja event. In this way, players who did not make use of the event initially (maybe due to the workers being busy) can do it when it’s offered again after the ninja event. Also, those who made use of the 1-day event maybe have their items upgraded in two days and are ready again to make use of the event. For eg.


war – 1-day event (castle boost)–ninja event— 1-day event (castle boost)–war… 1-day event (defense boost)–ninja event— 1-day event (defense boost)–war


Why couldn’t the Boost Castle event and  Ninja event run concurrently? 


Good question.

Answer is simple,the ninja loot.flare don’t give easy task

That is indeed the case, ninja levels give descent loot.

1m gold per raid is not decent lol

Yes, it’s very good, but then the waiting time is enough for others to take also from you.  :wacko:

I did only raid first two ninja islands, since I was on vacation and had no wifi most of the time. Less than an hour before end of the last ninja event, wifi was available to me for a short time and tried first two levels. They gave descent loot. Since on vacation I am not going to spend a lot of time on a game, I didn’t even have time for trying more levels.

So actually I can’t tell whether or not other levels gave more/less gold. I expect more nevertheless.

If I remember well Fii, you didn’t participate in the ninja event, so you must have heard from others that rewards like 1M have been given.

And that’s what I expected, waiting time. For upgrades we need several M gold and during the waiting time that gold could have been stolen. We could use a gold shield to protect it and use the gold in such a case for an event.

Well I did raid 3-4 islands before I hit max medals for 11th place (was dropping league to make record) 

Ok, thanks for explaining this Fii. I was already wondering how you knew the rewards were good. Of course members could have told you also.