Busy schedule

I hope you stay quite some more time, we need a good alliance leader :stuck_out_tongue:

You can rest on both ears, after my vacation I am fully ready to do what I suppose to do, lead the team.

And a new chapter in Geine & Master boosts. New permanent boost to be added. Sorry off topic.



Please stop spamming

This thread is about a different topic, so you shouldn’t post here link to another  thread that are not realated to this topic. If someone merged your topic into one they someone probably read it anyways, also I clicked on yoru link and Alysea did reply there.

what the hell is going on here why my post are repeatedly posting…

i posted n it is also related to this topic too… #mag

Lols, sorry then, I stopped reading after first few sentences of no ads on Windows

No worries MaG :stuck_out_tongue: