But just who is the Granny?

Hey guys,

As mentioned, we will be having a History Month during March! To kick it off, here are some funky information about the Granny!

Are you surprised about any of these facts?



Very nice facts Gala, most impressive is the items sold, I’d have thought it to be 0

Also, better change the top left one that says “Arrived in the Kingdom on May 29th 2014” to “Began Trespassing in Kingdoms on May 29th 2014” 

next fact for the Blacksmith : 90 millions items bought in granny have been melted by BS

I’m surprised that Flare still gives out such event instead of incorporating it into Blacksmith Event. 

I miss the old facebook posts that were more entertaining than the usual spam of raffles, wars and ninjas posts of nowadays.

Actually a nice and interesting post. Ofc we wanna see other informations, but still a nice post. I’m most surprised that she’s still alive

Granny appeared in 2014 and probably somewhere in 2015 was the most useless feature already (and making events lasting 7 days based on granny is a big slap in the face :wink: )  It needs a  good rework.

Granny needs to be replaced by a witch, maybe then she’ll be useful

Yeah like Opelle’s idea for the Witcher Hunt Update! Mix two spells together!!

You mean witch? Witcher wouldn’t be selling you items, he’ll be hunting monsters instead.

I may have gotten the name wrong

Looks like you didn’t get the reference. Nvm then =D

I’m just happy that Gala was smart enough to put this in General Discussions and not Official Announcements

Granny is the avatar of Flaregames. Obnoxiously screws the king out of his money, like FG screws their playerbase. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t stop giggling on this one

but it’s so true

I would like to wear Granny’s glasses ?


When will granny die?

Whoa! I’ve just figured out a HUGE Easter Egg!!! Look at Granny’s glasses! They supposed to be trying to hypnotize you into buying her awful items!

@GalaMorgane what do you mean by, “Beast Related Accidents”? Can’t figure out what that means

Should make granny have grandkids who sell futuristic shit like bazooka or nuclear weapon…maybe a flying+talking car would be his pet…