Buttons and some ideas

  1. keep the button pressed to recall the troops continuously



  1. touch only once to unleash the power of the guardian


  1. create an xp event once a month. It takes too much time to grow up. Even for those who play a lot, many have abandoned for this.

4 ) receive a small percentage of exp in the won battles in defense

  1. when the defensive structures end, the masons stay too long without doing anything. find a solution


Yes, I think extra builders that aren’t doing anything should be able to mine for things when they are not building, would be good for end-game players.

  1. Mounting a Guardian and activating a Guardian’s ability can be 2 different useful things 
    With damaging Guardians, like Sultan for example, you can mount the Guardian to safely reach a dangerous place, like a choke point, and once you are there use that Guardian’s damage ability

Great ideas ?

Hi guys :slight_smile:

we will not change the configuration to call a Guardian and then have to tap the button again to do the special move. It is a feature so that people can time the special attacks for when they want to.