Buy pearls with vouchers

Becausssssssse I would like to sssssssee it happening!

I would rather see that blacksmith also can use gold instead of pearls.

I don’t have the exact numbers, but if I remember well, you could refill your old max treasure room (12M) for 2k gems. So a gem is worth somewhere around 6k, not exactly, but just to give an idea. For every 5 gems you spend you get a pearl so 5*6k = 30k per pearl.

Blacksmith is already like a casino. In a casino you can exchange money (gold) for chips (pearls).  So why isn’t there an option where we can exchange gold for pearls. I even don’t mind if they made the exchange rate 50k per pearl, at least we had an option to get more pearls.

And with those extra pearls we would be able to gamble more for getting better stuff. Also at moments where a player has nothing to do, since all his workers are busy, he has still a good reason to raid for gold, he could get more pearls, players would get less bored between the seasons.

Exactly. I have nothing to do right now and started to melt items (which i have never done before). At least something, but i’d like to have something more to spend my gold on …