buy pro tickets and I can not play

_Hello, I feel cheated as I buy tickets from the pro monthly league yesterday and I see that today I can not play it before I was banned for playing on the same cell with another account of my brother, but I was still able to buy and I said good I buy tickets and I'll be able to play it again_


_but what a surprise today in the morning it is still the same as it does not let me play it even though I have tickets and if I bought it with money, my question is, if I can not play the pro league anymore because it leaves me buy the league subscription pro? better give me back my money so there is no grudge because if it were not misleading advertising that you offer a product and not be able to use it for what you bought_


PD: sorry if it is not appropriate to put this issue here and hopefully give me a solution since the mails sent to flare do not even answer me

Now you can donate those pro tickets to your brother ?

Or to members of your team.