cadmus summon skill

how do you guys choose what troops will be summoned when you use his first skill?

i was able to summon minotaur before but now its always spearmen and trebuchet which dies instantly and not part of my troop plan. i have to run back a bit before summoning so they wont be in front of the line. i wanted to summon cyclops since my skill level is able to summon 8 slot units but proceed to choose spearmen and trebuchet. smh


It’s random, other than it will always try to use up all the morale points available, so you can try to game it a little that way. Like for example, if you have 8 points and  minotaurs, cyclopses, hydra and sirens, it’s probably going to always pick the cyclopses because it maximizes the 8 points (if it picked 1 minotaur or 2 sirens, there would be points left over). But if you swapped out sirens for trebuchets, it’s probably a coinflip between 1 cyclops and 2 trebuchets.

ok. i guess it summons the one on your troop slots? i should leave the other slots empty then. i only use two units anyways.

Yes, it takes the ones you selected to play with.