Cadmus Tips

My Cadmus is so freaking weak even if he is level 18. I keep shuffling his items but he still dies almost in every single defence that have blessed towers. Any tips on how to play a beast Cadmus?


Thank you.

With any hero, if they feel weak check to see if their unique spell is max level. If it’s not, slap yourself on the forehead and say “dang, I really should have checked that! Let me max out his unique spell!”

It is maxed at the moment though. For the shrine of powers’ current level.

Hi @Sharknado My Cadmus is good against most of the type of Defenses and he always win .Right now He is at level 19.Well I am sharing the screen shots of my cadmus he can survive any defense even without his troops and beats them easily even nyxs tower in helios light combo.

I do admit just like any other hero I found it little difficult to play with him When I unlocked him first but eventually just got to know how to use him in battles also If you can get his both unique armor then you defeat most the bases in the game through  autoplay only.

Give him good resistance items and lot of cool down bonus so that he can use his unique power again and again.Try different troops combos with him.

I have seen a Cadmus with 75% cooldown bouns and that Cadmus can beat any defense in the game.

Thank you so much @HOLYDIVINE! By the way, that poison resistance is insane. And the stun chance is so high as well. Did you keep on forging his items? I seem to rarely pick up Cadmus items from rewards.

@HOLYDIVINE, No need for Bia for Cadmus?

I like Cadmus. He is one of my war hero. For me a good Cadmus must have these: His first spell must be at least casting a cyclops. Because a summoned cyclops immediately cast shield. A tiny troop must be in his slot. Like spearman. They are good decoys for nyx as well as apollo towers. Bia a must. Because he summons troops and must be under protection of bia. Third spell democles, good for parallel road archers and nyx’s. He must have high cooldown because his power comes from his spell. 

*I have some double resistance rings but i dont use on my cadmus, because spearman decoy/cyclops shield/bia/his shield gives enough protection. My cadmus does good on autoplay. But if he spends many times, i let him run some and cast his first spell ahead from back troops, gives me the path control and time… 

Btw, Spearman is underestimated.  they seem die fast. But cyclops/bia /blessing again gives good protection to them.And blessed spearman has bonus poison damage, poison damage

good for killing phoenix’s and give good harm to statue perseus most perseus has physical and fire resistances… 

Looks roughly the way my cadmus does, except I tend to use both uniques on him too. And well, I am low level, so no impressive forging what-so-ever

Hey @Sharknado My cadmus also have 24% pertrify with some area damage.Well keeping his residtence high keeps him alive against powerful defenses and keeping his cool down bonus high allows him to call more troops.Stun helps a lot against lapetos towers or Apollo tower or any tower in the game.His all equipments are 1 Star Titan items only not five except rings Which I check at every two Ascension level.I either find them in chest or forge them.It is not hard to keep his resistance high .

IT JUST DEPEND ON YOUR Playstyal or WHAT KIND OF DEFENSE YOU ARE facing.I use bia sometimes(It is a great spell but unfortunately it is not at max level so I am not using it for now.) but now right only few of my spells are maxed can use any spell that you find good for him.Okeanos allows him to deal heavy damage to lapetos,Apollo and Prometheus towers.I use siren spell for Nyxs towers.Do it just my preference.Just test him with different troops and spell combos on your defense or the defense of your teammates who have a strong base.In this way you can check which combo is good for him.I hope this will help ???.

Also @Hellslord combo is a killer combo and he also gave you some really useful tips against the most toughest base in the game(L shaped one). So Worry not @Sharknado just give Cadmus some good equipment and he will do great against tough defense.

Thank you very much guys! I will use your tips as guides. :slight_smile:

@Hellslord nice Cadmus but at lvl 127 that’s cadmus is ?Too weak you seem to be good as well as active player … Join my team PM me if you wanna improve your heroes and game too…

My Cadmus? i don’t use him much I have two power slots only for him so i only use him on defence without nyx he simply destroy everything that comes in his way… 

He is a great hero but you need good items for him specially lots cooldown…


Hey @NAPC You changed your IGN I So I thought you stopped playing But I am glad  ? you did not.Anyways how about my cadmus is it an good?

Your cadmus is badass bro you have all resistance that’s Great …

41% is good but not great forge some new items for him … I know many people don’t know how forging works but small tip from my side find new item at the lvl you currently are and forge it with best items of that rarity to get best results (50-55%) without unique … 

Yes i changed my IGN now it’s AK47NAPC