This hero needs a rework in my opinion. Seriously, does anyone enjoy playing this hero? He literally walks like he has shit his pants. He has only 3 spell slots, his power is not so powerful… and he doesn’t even shout when you equip new items. 

probably tongue cutted?

My Shtpants does quite well, summons Medusa:)

He is certainly weaker than other Heroes in my opinion, due to his slowness he will always spend more time to walk to the gate = weaker. And summoning 1 mino, medussa or whatever every 40 secs doesn’t make such a huge difference. If you don’t buy the third spell this hero is just useless, against easy enemies you can pick him, personally though I’m bored to death to see his slow motion walk and if you do many battles a day its exhausting. 

Ehh I think he is ok, I still use him. Yep he’s slow, pair him with Bia

only heroes I don’t use is Hercules and Prometheus 

I’m using him too. If you say his spell doesn’t make different, that is because you haven’t upgraded it yet, or your units doesn’t fit with his spell. He may be slow like prometheus, but they are unbeatable with me.

Usually i loose between 14 and 25 trophies when using kadmos.

Ok mine is only lvl 10. With only 2 spellslots you have to decide between heal or pandora, even with both this hero is paper for a boosted minotaurus charge, which is overpowered.


Agree with you about the op of boosted minotaurus. But it happens to all other heros. I don’t attack players with fully defensive blessings and minautorus anymore.