Caduceos Of Gold

Do I must to have this unique item in my main equipment variant to right function? Can i put it in other variant?

Must be in the heroes fighting equipment to get the bonus resources.

Thank you for your answer. :+1: So it’s terrible unique item… :confused: They should have to change this.

If you have good enough forges you can use it and still in on AP, but prob for high lvl players with stable ascension lvl, and must be desperate for resources!
The gem caduceus is definitely better though, but it’s as rare as chicken’s teeth.


That diamond Caduceus is like my most wanted item. I am willing to trade my 70+ unique items, in a heartbeat, for that one.


i thought they do not longer give out the gem farming thing?

There are 2 caduci (if that’s the plural, could be Caduceuses!) the golden one gives gold and wisdom… the miracle Caduceus seems rarer and gives ONE gem and some wisdom…

@NaN there was a bug with the golden one whereby it gave out gems instead of books! there was a bug to fix it after a few days as it was giving gems like titan league!


ah ok, thx for clarification.

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