Calculating Skulls

I’m sorry if anyone said this before, if they did i will give credits but anyway right now the number of skulls offered by opponents in war season are calculated like this:


Skulls = 300 (constant) +King Level * 6 


Thus solely based on kings level, thus an unfair punishment for high level kings who did a huge effort (or paid a fortune) to get there. In reality raiding a max base against a lvl90 king vs raiding a max base against a lvl120 king, shouldn’t make a difference in skulls earned, since both bases are equally hard. But with the current algorithm, the level 120 player will reward an additional 180 skulls for no extra level of difficulty. Yes, very unfair.


I understand that a dynamic skull calculation based on current defense settings(number of max towers/barricades)  will be really difficult to implement due the heavy burden server wise.


What is however less dynamic and also a very good indicator of a base strength is the castle guard morale points. Waves levels change, but likewise with King Level, they change on a very slow rate. So I am proposing that Flare will change the significance of the king level and add the castle guard morale points in the mix.


A possible new equation could be something like this:


Skulls = constant + King level * 3 + total morale points * 3

(thus giving more weight to morale points in the skull calculation [morale max value is 336 while max king level value is 120] )


What do you think about this?





u know in first season the skull formula is 


skull = 300 + 6*(defender king lvl) - 3*(attacker king lvl)


which makes HL king even sucker lol  


Honestly flare don’t expect a lvl 120 king (max lvl) to appear any fast, but somehow it happens. Then HSMK left for long so flare might think this player is gone. But then he come back again.

Ideally there should be a pool of player growing up in the same interval of lvl so there won’t be such HL king discriminant issue. 


it would take a lot of time ( and gems) to catch up to that level.


And also the issue here is not just HsMk. It’s a general problem. Skulls are not so much representative of an opponents castle strength since they calculate only one factor which is not even the best one. 


Castle guard morale is much more accurate to indicate how tough a base will be, you know that better than me.


I’ve maxed my defense some time ago, but overall my defense is way more weak than other players in my alliance, just because they have maximum castle guard waves, while mine still need months and months to get there. In higher levels what determines a really tough base from a much easier one is those waves, so why not to reflect them on the skulls calculation.




The first season formula was even more ridiculous !

i hv to agree wave morale is making some big different in the toughness , for example the 3 mummy waves. 

It might also be a good indicator for base toughness. 

Instead of king level it should use castle gate level and morale points. Something like:


Skulls = 200 + 12*Castle Gate level + 2*Total morale points


Bases that should be more difficult would give more skulls this way and not unfairly punish kings that are higher levels compared to how difficult their base would be.


Very nice suggestion. Yes, i think that King level could be dropped from the calculation if those two variables were added.

Nobody can change the castle gate level downwards, and in fact is essential for a strong defense, so it does make lot of sense to be calculated in the skulls equation too.

But then players would strongly manipulate things. They’d start new accounts and keep Castle Gate and Castle Guard at Lv.1, then leave a Lv.9 Skull Tower right next to the gate so that they could only get ~50%. Then what? 50% of crap is even worse crap.

I do agree that it needs to be based on something more permanent, more universal, but that it should be more varied to leave no loopholes. For example, factor the Workshop in. If you don’t have a high-level workshop, then you can’t have Lv.9 everythings despite a crumbly Castle Gate. Etc. if you don’t upgrade your farms, you can’t raid effectively, so nobody will keep their farms low for the fewer skulls.

So it should look something more like:

Constant + 2*(Farm Levels) + 2*(Tavern Levels) + 10*(Barracks Level) + 10*(Workshop Levels) + 10*(Wizard Tower Level) + 10*(Castle Gate Level) + 1*(Morale Points)

This would make it so that players are given no loopholes in which to advance themselves without gain in skulls, but have it to where you can be high-level without penalty.

The only advantage left here, then, would be based on a player’s ability to max out sub-structures according to their current structure level. For example, two players have a max Wizard Tower. One has a maxed Sonic Blast, the only one has a Lv.1 Sonic Blast. Both would give out the same amount of skulls, but the first player would of course be much stronger.

While this will obviously give patient players an advantage over others, it is the fairest calculation I can see.

i think the issue is not always from new player, it is more for those whom had played a long time and had done significant upgrade on building / tower / hero lvl 


How many money would need to build such a High lvl king acc with all lousy tower /building ? I don’t think it is cheap to do it.