Calculation of base skull count in conquest wars?

@Madlen, last conquest I noted that the base number of skulls in conquest wars (without war bonus, without skull bonus gear) is not calculated from the simple formula 350+7*min(Leveltarget, 95) anymore(?). Can you disclose the exact calculation used in conquest now?

I’ve asked for skull results in my alliance, but the data points I’ve got are very few. From that I guess that the formula is somewhat like:

350+7*min(max(min(Levelme, 95)-50, Leveltarget), 95)

In other words: Mine and the target’s levels are capped at 95, and then if the capped target’s level is more than 50 levels below mine, my capped level minus 50 is used for the calculation. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Hi -

This is correct.

I think you are exactly right on the new formula.  I attacked a tower whose guard had been removed from the alliance, so it had a “Tower Guard” as the defender.  This doesn’t have a level, but looks like a lvl 2 base.  It was worth 560 skulls for me, which is lvl 30 (I’m lvl 80).  This seems like a good change, to make it less powerful to pin with super low level kings.  It takes a long time to get free if you have only 1 target to attack and that 1 target is worth 400 skulls.