Call Stag invo feels lame

I’ve been testing out the Call Stag invo, and he’s cute and all, but he just headbutts a couple of guys and then gets murdered. For 25 gems I would expect something a little better. Maybe it’s a bug, or maybe he needs to be priced similarly to Scylla. Thanks!

What lvl of Call Stag is it?


This invocation will receive balancing improvements in the near future.

Yes coz right now it feels like calling a puppy to fight ?

Call Stag is a invocation? its sad :slightly_frowning_face:  i was sure its was a power spell from Artemis who allow to cast a Deer in battle maybe once a fight or something like that. Well call stag and conquer gems stuffs. I was sure 3.8.0 was great but more I read and less I like it