Campaign: change the L design

Alright, good kings and queens, and specially the good base designers, it’s really boring to see the same design in almost all bases: the L design. So, let’s start a campaign to change that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Make something new. Let’s share ideas here. Cheers!

I m in favor for the oval base design… But granny won t sell me the necessary tiles…

Yup we need to be able to extend our paths longer.

The advantage of my oval base design is that the attackers will end up back at their own tent, destroy it, and loose

Care to share a picture of it?

It’s not possible to do that base design fresh…without PhotoShop.

Thought something was a miss that’s why I wanted a picture. Maybe I was punkd! I’m pretty gullible sometime


Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh …  :stuck_out_tongue:


I once had this design while I was with Nuns alliance, but then our Warnun blabbed on us … so the game designers punished our great ex-leader   and then banned Nuns from the game  (If I recall it right)

Fresh… this one is my Maze design… unfortunately got banned to

Photoshop ? 2 mins on paint, is all the time I cared to invest…

Haha, so, it’s cool.

So true lol. the L design is so boring and start to be annoying to see it everywhere. Same at 29 path we can see it everywhere. Maybe Flaregames can add new stuffs like give us the ability to add bridge,add water lake,maybe add snow on the ground if someone have 26% Boost speed or more they fall down and broke the legs and the arm of the king and its automatically a fail raid and you must wait 2 week before raid again. Nah I’m kidding lol :slight_smile:

Seriously Flaregames must add more stuffs design to able to crate new design base,I don’t know sand,snow,tree,flowers,33 path length,the possibility to cross path,create a road elevated,etc… like the game Roller Coaster Tycoon.


there are others good paths, and some twists in the l-shape. and normally the l-shape is not as good as many players think


L-bases are boring.

Cross base is the future. I already have it… No barricades are needed and you get a lot of gems. Gems, come to me… :slight_smile:

Maybe add 2 (or more?) seconds to the timer for every path that is adjacent to another path.

We Need 33 tiles to create some cool bases like the last 10 dungeons,

Maybe give an extra tile for every 8 tiles not adjacent to another tile.  That would give you 33 is none were adjacent.