Campaign to level new heros

You just got enough dominance to unlock a new hero! Hero is level 1 with basic equipment and your opponents are still the same difficulty. We are doomed to lose mutiple battles which will be many trophies lost just to get your new hero to the point of being useful. So your new shiny hero sits idle because you don’t want to risk your precious trophies… MY IDEA: Have a campaign island with different challenges (Kind of like cyclops, medusa,hydra isle etc…) but a combination of different monsters/troops. You will use ambrosia to battle and still win prizes but It Will Not give you or take away trophies. It will give players more to do in the game and give us a chance to gain experience for hero’s without the chance of losing trophies.



good idea, but beter like prize get equipments instead of gold ambrosia or wisdom!