Can anyone beat my 3 gold chests in Chamber of Fortune? Picture inc.

Here is what I got after opening 3 chests. The last time I opened 3 chests successfully on the third chest I got 87k then this time in all 3 I got…

P.s feel free to post my picture if you can as I have to do it this way.

hmm what will you do with all your wealth

I have no idea why Flares made another gold “prize”, everything was ok with only the big gold prize we can find. In my case, the max amount of gold I can find on third chest of CoF is 300k, but most of the times when I get it right I get only about 130k, that’s not a third chest prize at all! This was one of the worst ideas that Flares ever had about changes on CoF (along with war-skulls).

Should state your level as well.

But according to flare they have changed nothing because they say if they do we will be informed.

So that means that when they silently implented horribly low gold in 2nd and 3rd chest compared too before that didn’t happen it’s just an illusion :slight_smile:

Right Aether :slight_smile:

Also the gold from the chests is not given just randomly. What was the level of the player you made your ride ? That would be your answer. A much difficult base is rewarded complete different. Gems etc etc.

I cant remember their level but I don’t raid anyone lower than me as noone gives good loot/medals who are lower

This is also possible if the third chest was an item!

I hvnt seen gold this low in the third chest,it is at least around 100k.

But half the times when u get an item on the third try, it is just an utterly useless basic item, which is something I wanted to complain about!

So my guess would be that u got a rubbish item, sold it nd then took the image! I could be wrong though!!

You’re not wrong

Actually I just see no point in keeping the items other than epic lvl nd above! By keeping i mean “keeping in the game”.

Maybe they made sense at the starting lvls nd were somewhat useful but I don’t remember much as it was months ago!

Anyway, there is absolutely no point in the bottom three lvls of the items after lvl 60/70 let alone the 90+ lvls!!

And just not the CoF when sometimes I get a feeling that there is an item, nd it may be worthwhile in the 3rd chest, so I spend 15-45 gems nd in the end receive a GREAT common item, which is worth less than even the value it sells for!!

But in granny as well, 4 spots r always occupied by useless items! What is the use of giving discount when there is only one item to buy? I mean just keep that 44% lower price as the original one! If u r giving discount on one, then all other should be equally good but at a higher price! The granny will start making sense then.

I know gameplay requires all lvls to be there in varied rarity but:

In the 3rd chest of CoF,

the four ‘WASTED’ spots of granny,

nd the leg/epic chests,

please make sure that we don’t get the bottom 3 lvls itmes!!

PS - srry fresh, for ranting so much on ur topic!

I beat you lol. few days ago I got in the first chest 87k in the second chest 120K and in the third chest 627K but that happen maybe 1 time in 1 year after maybe 10,000 raid. Your chance its low