can anyone explain this??

@arsalan73 I see that the health goes up about 1500, but the lightning protection goes down. Perhaps the petrifying perk takes off some of the shield for some reason. Or it’s just another bug. @CaptainMorgan could you help us out with this one, thanks

If I am correct for green,blue and epic the quality of items don’t matter but for Godlike and Titan you must choose carefully the items you sacrifice some can drop your stats and other up your stats so when you forge godlike and Titan you must try all your items and see the result

I have right



Here you see 1 star give less stats and 2 stars more stats but not always you must try all your items to see which give better items


Here you see same a 4 Star can give the same stats like a 1 Star items so you need to try all your items one by one to see who offer better

If I understand the logic here 1 Star items you forge you need a 2 Star to have better stats. If you forge a 2 stars items you need a  3 stars items. If you forge a 4 star items you need a 4 star items

Finally I don’t really know how that work. After some test the result is hard to predici I guess you need to try all your items to see the better result

Here some screenshot of my test :




My conclusion is you need to try all your items one by one to obtain the best result. The stats change depending of your items your sacrifice






Is allready answered here.

@AwesomestKnightest i think thats a bug because i test all of my items and result is the same



@Warriornator u right but in all of your pic we see increase(with different rate),not decrease

also i test all of my items in this case and it didnt work


Probably the items you got was before 3.7.0 and has been nerfed like the topic of Panicmind show you. In this case you can’t do nothing just try to get better items to forge

All items after 3.7.0 don’t have any problem

That 4 star brooch you’re using as the forge material is really old and crappy. It’s worthless for forging. Try using any newer 1 star gold item and you should see much better results. Either that, or the lightning pants you’re trying to upgrade are really old and crappy. It’s one or the other.

its because I never keep old items just old ring and trickets but for the rest never. that why in my pic is enough hard to show the result because all of them are enough recent. So I don’t have got the problem of decrease stats. If oyur lightning perk has decrease is because you items is too old The HP can continue to up but the lightning will drop. Possible if you continue to forge the stats will restart to be better after a time. So keep forging maybe your Lightning perk will up again when he change in Titan like CaptainMorgan explain in the topic.

I think it smells of bug as well, sorry Captain …

I have situations where I upgraded a fresh yellow up to titan *** with no problems and stats always increasing, and then suddently from 3* to 4 comes the decrease …

And seems to me the game takes in account just the “rarity” of the item and not the bonuses it has, those seems irrilevant for the end result. Also, several times doesn’t matter at all if I get some old item to destroy or some newer, doesn’t matter how many * they have - the outcome is identical. And when it isn’t, there’s just like 2 or 3 possible outcomes for the forging, it’s not like it is different with every item you try to merge.

Love the system, just saying it smells of little bugs here and there. Would be nicer some deeper logic in how the bonuses increases are calculated :slight_smile:


An example of same result with a crappy and a good item (note if I try the same 2 “destroy” item on other titans, the result is very different).

That’s why I think it would be helpful to have the level of each piece of equipment printed right on it.

For everything that OR does right, documentation isn’t one of them. Making the process a little more transparent would be helpful.

But @Dheth, I’m not seeing any decrease in stats in your pictures.

in this case CaptainMorgan should add in the game in version 3.8.0 items level like this :


You can know if the items is good or not and if you can find better


Yes those photos was to show how in that case the destroying item i was using was irrilevant for the final result.

Here’s an example of diminishing value with an item but not with another - note that the item being forged has already been forged before without any decreasing issue. The items being destroyed are both post-items nerf update, as is the item being forged as far as I can recall. I just fail to grab the logic of the system. And I’m all for your suggestion of putting the level, or some quality value or such on the item.

Hey guys, there are many muddled combinations here, but all of them are a result of one of the following things:

So any items you updated before the server update yesterday may do this.

or, as @PanicMind already mentioned:

So old items have a chance to lose Perk strength on upgrade.

In all cases it’s the Perk which is affected; the Perk is the second stat on most items, but on Trinkets, both stats are Perks.

I see Captain. Just two things … Flaretara was talking only of cursed items, not of the others … from what you say here it sounds that all items share that issue then, not only cursed.

And about the second thing, probably there was a misunderstanding … when you mentioned old items, we (or I, at least) were thinking at items collected before the nerf-update. But seems here that old items instead means anything we got 'till 2 days ago.

Anyway, can live with it, hoping the ones we are getting from now on won’t have this crazy behaviour :slight_smile:


If the item you have in your last image was never a cursed item, then this is strange behaviour which we should look further into.

I am “almost” sure it wasn’t. But I’ll keep more attention from now on.

Following you suggestions weeks ago, many of us have been piling up items while waiting for forging :slight_smile: so after a while you might not be 100% sure of what was cursed and whatnot :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have a little indication of cursed items after the curse is broken. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when they have standard perks. 

So here’s the wish list:

  1. little curse notation

  2. item level notation

  3. I’d like Zeus to stop filming me when I open a video chest. I didn’t sign a waiver

  4. make the Forge screen more like the worker upgrade screen. Those teeny tiny buttons on the forge menu are really hard to hit on anything smaller than a tablet, or even on a tablet with some cases.