Can Anyone Explain to me how the Lighting Tower works?

Can Anyone Explain to me how the Lighting Tower works?

I just looked up the specs and an unboosted but maxed out Lighting Tower only has 3 shots each with a maximum damage of: 1,593

That’s nothing!

The Skull Tower has infinite shots with a maximum damage that’s even higher: 1,746

Was it just a big joke on the users?

Everyone knows that Lightning is useless if not boosted. So what are we talking about? LOL No need to discuss it. 

the people must stop said that and understand like oPelle said in his own wiki about Lightning Tower. This tower its not for damage its a Support Tower to stun ennemy during the time Skull Tower or Bomb Tower do the job to kill Hero. Sure if you build that to try to do damage and place them alone its useless but for support its very good I like it, At level 3 that start to be enough effective then at level 6 max must do a really good job with max Skull or max Bomb Tower. All depend where you place them.The cost its very high but worth it

It pauses your units for like half a second (despite what the numbers say)!  Likely hood is if you put it in another whole mess of towers they won’t even be firing during that half second!

IMO lightning towers are quite useful in mid levels!! I have seen lightning tower deals more damage in 1 hit then skull towers in many hits + it stuns the opponents at least for some amount of times. This strategy is almost perfect against players who uses knights as offense. Imagine damaging and stunning a horde of knights and finishing them off with skulls. Same can be said with other low hp units like archer, arbs, forsters. I never faced a boosted lightning tower though so I don’t know about it. For me lightning tower impress me so did monk!! Only new feature I fell dissapointed is the black magic as I don’t know how to use it efficiently lol XD