Can anyone get through the portal?

Can you?



Same here - nope.

Nope. :slightly_frowning_face:

At least the problems we players face are new and innovative.  Keeps us on the edge and excited.  Lol

The portal’s not working again -_-

The villain went to the loo. 

?like a good old Russian machinery only works manually

You shall no pass


VIP-event only :wink:

500 gem compensation is coming

The villian decided to leave flare games

So far no one seems to be able to start the event, the team is on it.

Get used to it folks :slight_smile:

LOL That’s how you fix the CoF crashes. You just don’t let anyone into the portal :rolleyes:

Pretty sure they will reset the game, don`t use gems right now, Macamus.


Do fall victim to being trolled :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one!  :stuck_out_tongue:

It should have started now.