Can anyone who has summed up all do this

Since after 56 level nothing there in Wikia … Can anyone give a detailed reply each ally level cost and what is unlocked in each level after 56 till 80…it will be very helpful… Who have detailed sheet plz do share…i am tagging official members also  @GalaMorgane @FTB they might help :unsure:

That the main reason why Opelle have stop improve and update the wiki. Flare is stubborn not giving him all needed info. The only way to have the info if is each Leader of Alliance 57,58,59,60 and so on give the info here but the chance is really low and maybe too much work. Good luck if you find them. Doable if each leader cooperate and give you info here

Anyway  a game having so much of stuffs and complexity should have a information provider like Wikia many games have their official one…but not here…come on royal Revolt 2 

A long time we have ask for a real Wiki from Flare but they refuse to take time to do it. Very sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Aa a general I need data so that I can aim things to achieve before our expected date…but without anything it’s like sailing in a big blue sea without even a compass  :slightly_frowning_face:

A real “Royal Revolt 2” wikia would attract thousands of potential players. They would download and install this game, Flaregames would earn more money and Royal Revolt 2 would gain positions in the stores.

Here is what elite boost lvl you get

Here is the price for each ally lvl

It doesn’t contain all data 

What you dont find ? there is Price for every ally lvl 1-80 and What boosts is unlocked for lvl 1-80, thats What you ask for? ?