Can be in two alliances at once?

So I’m in a unique situation. I’m a very ambitious player, currently donating 500k per day, having 9 workers, most offensive capabilities maxed or near-maxed, can climb to the 4,000 trophy range completely unboosted, and actively participate in wars. However, I’m not in a top alliance, I’m in my own small alliance.

It’s getting to the point where everything is becoming so expensive, that I can’t get enough gold to use all my workers. I literally have 8 workers sitting around right now.

So I started doing some math. At 100% gold boost, a player can make 18mil gold per day off of just open bases. However, it’s really hard to get to 100% boost when your only alliance only contributes 27%. So I was wondering, is it normal to be a part of two alliances? To be a fill-in, a merc, for a top alliance while you’re gaining gold, then to run your own smaller alliance while all your workers are busy? Not to be a burden, obviously; you would only leave an alliance during their off season. But I was wondering if this would be an option so that I wouldn’t have so many workers just sitting around.

Obviously it would help the top alliance because you’d have a beastly 500k donator for a season (although I will admit, I do give out 792 skulls), and it would help my alliance, because having a top player as the leader is good for recruitment in the long-term.


Do you have two accounts? If so, run your smaller alliance with the smaller account; buy gems for it so that it can continue donating 250-500k. 


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