Can Bomb Towers make additional trap towers?

I’m talking about unboosted Bomb Towers.

Here are two things I’ve noticed:

  1. If you put a barricade in an adjacent lane, but pushed back, Arblasters will still be able to attack it from the corner.

  2. Bomb Towers can hit the space two spaces ahead of them, plus the corners next to them.

So, can Bomb Towers be used as trap towers on these particular points? Is the damage worth it? And if so, can they be attacked by Arblasters or Cannons from here?

Bomb towers unboosted are not can easily kick each bomb back to it.even a good level firestorm can take it down.i have eight level 8 bomb towers in inventory.i generally not use them.i use their boosted form in wars to delay the enemy.non boosted bomb towers shoot so slowly and if you have frost damage in your sword then it will further decrease it capacity more making it completely useless.

Even those who are using boosted high level bomb towers,they do not use it in high numbers,they just place them smartly at crucial points to consume time of the opponent because even a max level sonic blast cannot take down a max level range bomber.

But I mean, it can attack the front of the path from the end of the path, without itself being attack-able, is it worth it?

I’m not exactly sure about how the layout/arrangement described by you above would actually look like, so I can’t give you much of an answer there… however, the bomb tower boost doesn’t increase their damage output, so if you can create a situation where with an unboosted bomb tower you can fire way ahead without being in range of attacking troops, then it should be worth doing it, as it should be as effective as a boosted tower, damage-wise. The question is mainly, can the bomb tower really reach forward far enough without being in range of cannons, without its boost, in the situation you describe? 


Anyway, putting in my two cents of knowledge, you might know about how you can place firebolt towers in a way they can fire ahead (onto a tile where it is diagonally adjacent), while it is actually facing another tile (way further into the base) that it is straightly adjacent to, then being out of range for anything except cannons, while still being to fire onto the earlier tile? The same thing can be done with unboosted bomb towers, and those are then even unreachable for cannons. However, their coverage of the earlier path tile is then very limited, so whether or not that is an efficient way of placing them is another question. 

Heroe, that’s exactly right (: So what I did was I put a boosted barricade (which, strangely, is still within range) up one and over one tile, luring Arblasters to it (since Arblasters can do very little to barricades). It then fires near the middle of the lane (: