Can Cannons Shoot at Beasts now?

So I was attacking in the war and came across the Kaiser Beast. I see that I’m taking it down easily, but then, what do I see? My Cannons are shooting at the beast? There was no Monk or skeleton from previous Necromancers, and to give more evidence, the cannons were taking health off AND stopped firing as soon as the beast went down. @GalaMorgane @flaretara could you give confirmation of this? And if it is confirmed, why were we not told about it before?

I can confirm this!!! I just tested my own base. Cannons took down my beast in less than 5 seconds. Why were we not told about this new feature…or did I just not see this in the latest update (3.8.1 not 3.8.2)?

it’s not so new but I’d say since 3.7.0 patch i guess, not the latter patches of this new year for sure.

okay thanks, I’ve never seen my cannons shooting at beast before though…weird

Neither have I, and I use cannons all the time. Gonna need to look into this. :huh:

When I tested my base I brought in nothing but cannons…and one monk to heal. Like I said above, they took down the beast in less than 5 seconds. I’m glad they added this to the game, the beasts were a little overpowered if you asked me. Now your troops won’t get stuck…or, well, less than usual, I mean lol

Agree, beasts were too strong sometimes. Now canons can sort it out quickly. Good. Especially with kaiser. 

Kaiser is one of the most useless beasts.

You can completly nulify his special by using shield/heal right after Kaiser casts it OR by having a few monks around and one of them just has to heal once. That’s it.

It’s a really bad beast. Don’t worry about it.

Yeah, lol, Monks literally take it down in 10 seconds

But it gives you additional Gold Shield.

true, but that’s basically all it does


Yes it is available for everyone now :slight_smile:

Oh! So it seriously changed only yesterday! That’s awesome

I don’t think it’s awesome at all. What is the point of a beast if they can be taken down so easily? They have literally made all beast irrelevant. Even the strong ones. 

lol, the next thing they’ll do is nerf cannons :lol:

Cannons are rarely used as an offensive troop. This makes it so people may use them more often. As it is, arblasters take down beasts in no time.

Maybe in your alliance, but mine uses them all the time as an offensive weapon. 

I use cannons in every attack: war, ninja, or normal raid. I think this addition in the game did help though, as beasts were definitely overpowered. The thing is, now the beasts are for nothing. I would like to see all beasts have a resistance to blunt damage or something. Something that doesn’t allow cannons to take down beasts immediately.

While it is great offensive-wise to have this new addition in the game, it ruins the game defensively and I didn’t think about the massive effect it would make

I pay attention to the load out of those who attack me, and I would say one in 20 even have cannons at all. Maybe I am imagining things, though it certainly differs greatly by trophy range. I am only 109, maybe it changes.

yeah true. People who attack me use Arblasters and Pryos mainly…and werewolves of course. But you can use almost any troop on my base cause it’s so bad lol