Can Healing Towers Heal Themselves?

Can Healing Towers Heal Themselves?

No and also not other Heal Towers. 

What about Monks?  Can Monks heal Heal Towers?

You can test this yourself very easily… But yes, monks do heal heal towers.

Why go through all the work redesigning my base, my waves, etc…  When I can just ask and get an answer in 2 minutes?

Because it takes less than 2 minutes to test this. I’m sure you have a monk and a heal tower, so you place the heal tower on the first spot of your base and place a monk in the last place of your first wave, raid & cast a spell.

We disagree on easy.



It takes A LOT longer than 2 minutes:

  • move/hide x number of towers to a desired layout

  • clear all waves so that they don’t get in the way

  • do the actual test SEVERAL TIMES to be sure

  • put the towers and waves where they were.

Now, if there were switchable base layouts or a test field that you could use to just fiddle with base designs without having to touch your actual base layout…

You need to place a heal tower in the first spot or move 1 tower out of the way to do so.

You do not not to clear waves, the only thing needed is a monk at the end of wave 1.

Believe me, I did it to double check before my first post in this topic.