Can I be robbed over the 200K ?

As title can i be robbed over the 200k because since the last patch the max gold i lost was 200k but now i’ve been robbed 245k.

It is possible?

max is 500 k.

yes i am 500k.

Are you referring to me?

Ok thank you all  :slight_smile:

It’s possible to got robbed 600K, lucky me they raid only half way. (300K though T_T)


Wait… 500k really???


haha , yes !

you can robberd 620 at last (for Me) and the last lost gold is 500K gold.

All of you are lucky.last month i get used robbed up to 1.3 MILLIOnNS and can accumulate to 1.9 MILLIONS after all after 5x robbed … Now so much better fair

its depend on how much gold do you have

i think its one third of your gold for the first attack

You can raid a lot more than that.

sometimes i have 1.5M but even when people defeat me 100% they get 20-30k!


Gold you lost doesn’t mean they will gain only that much.

how to find out the amount they gained??

There is no way to know that.

Unless you know them and ask them personally.

thats because they don’t have enough space in treasure chamber …

The rules incident to the loot are changed in the last few weeks…

As far as I know, currently the maximum loss per attack with treasure chamber lvl 12 is capped at 500k.

If you have a lower treasure chamber level, the cap might be lower than 500k.


And of course, depending on your treasure chamber level, a certain amount of gold is always protected, so only that part that is “above” the automatic gold protection can get stolen.


Also, the loot the attacker gets is not the same amount that the defender loses. Especially consider gold boost here, but also without, loss and loot are not the same.

Furthermore, when attacking a player that has a gold shield, the attacker still gets loot despite the defender’s gold is protected (even when the defender has empty taverns).


By the way, gold in your taverns is NEVER protected, not even with gold shield.


Moreover, when someone attacks you, after that attack the maximum loss for the next attack is a lot lower.

E.g. when you have 3 million gold and someone attacks you, wins, gets 500k, and you still have 2.5 million gold, then the next attacker would only steal about 50k from you (even if the attacker might still get 500k as loot).

However, when 2 players attack you at (nearly) the same time (i.e. 2nd attack starts before 1st attack is finished), they still might both steal 500k from you.

the game creates loot

if u attack someone with tons of gold, u get all of their gold

but they won’t necessarily lose all of it

I don’t understand the relation of quoting my post and your reply ! ?