Can I beat a top 100 lv player in diamond league?

Can I beat steelius in diamond league?(He’s top 100)I’m leading 8k and he is 7k. 2 days and 16 hour remaining.

More trophy you have = more medals you earn

at least for me it is so  :wink:

I didn’t find any steelius in top 100…is it the right IGN?


I guess this topic is more a “speakers’ corner” thread rather than “General Discussion”…as recited in the subtitle of General Discussion area “Discuss strategies, defense layouts, unit, spells and towers! Make suggestions and bounce your ideas off other players” and here you ask an opinion about a victory…I move the topic in speakers’ corner area  :grinning:

It’s Steelicus.Sorry.

Ok, thanks, I’ve found steelicus…but he/she is 236th…how many medals d’you usually get from your opposites? For him I see 361 medals and 10 trophies, against you…nothing, you have an open base now I think… :slight_smile:

I guess that if Steelicus wanna win the league, you don’t have much chances…he/she’ll get more medals and a +10% bonus, you don’t… :grinning:

500 medals per attack.

Would you mind if I post again?500+ per attack.I think he or she wants to win the league because the person is 2 in the league.

You get 500+ medals per attack? Really?!?! If it’s so, you’ll get a lot of chances to win!! 


Its much easier for lower level people to win diamond league. Mainly due to low cost of food per attack and low cost of using spells/scrolls/resurrects etc. Also people are getting more medals at low levels and are easily winning most of the diamond leagues. So try to win the league more when you are low ranked player. Remember you can even get 1000 gems when you finish #1 10 times. Good Luck.