Can I see which of my generals is spending alliance $

I’m the leader and one of my generals is spending alliance money without asking.  Is there a way to track who spent it?

no you can’t track them

Alliance money just for upgrade level alliance or elite booster active





Flare now lets us see who declares war, why not boosts too, also when they are extended. 


It was for alliance level upgrade.  Was saving money to boost troops in the war but someone spent it all upgrading alliance level. :slightly_frowning_face:

I suggest you ask who activated boosts 

I did,nobody is fessing up though. 

This is one of the feature that is for sure needed for any alliance. In the meantime, I would suggest keeping track what generals were online when suddenly gold  has been decreasing and maybe demoting generals who are suspected.

and if after that you keep have this kind of problem maybe just demoted all of your general and replace them all by person who you trust and you are sure they not betrayed you in your back. 

Flaregames should enable you to select what abilities your generals should have - for example, only declaring war and inviting members for some generals, but all the options for generals you trust.

Either that or they should create a whole new rank - e.g. Chief.