can i switch my royal revolt 2 account from windows phone to android ?

i want to switch my phone from my windows phone to android one. 

But i afraid i could lost my royal revolt 2 account.

please help me

sorry for bad english :slightly_frowning_face:



I would like to sync my progress across two different devices. How can I do this?



You can sync your progress across several decives as long as you are playing the Android or iOS version of the game. Account sharing is currently not possible on Windows devices.




To share your game on Android, please make sure that you are logged in with the same Google account on both devices. Play through the tutorial on your first device and give your king a name. Afterwards, download the game on your other device and start it. Your savegame should now load automatically and you should be able to play on two devices simultaneously.




To share your game on iOS, please make sure that you are logged in with the same iCloud ID and have iCloud enabled on both devices. Create a game on your first device and give your king a name. Afterwards, start another game on your second device and play through the tutorial as well. Upon completing the first tutorial fight, the game will ask you if you want to sign in using your existing account. Confirm this option. You should now be able to play on two devices simultaneously. 

if it is not possible to sync process on two windows devices then how my two devices (ie HTC 8X Win. Phone 8.1 & HP ENVY 4 Win. 8.1) are synchronized?

read above thread

Thanks for quick reply.

i’ll try :wink:



What information would I need to provide so I could gain access?

Enough to prove it is yours unless someone has access to it. E.G. farm levels, tavern levels, number of gems, number of pearls, number of achievements you have not collected, which ones they are, which dungeon you are one, how many of your equipments are legendary, rare, etc, levels of your spells, what you have currently upgrading, are you running a gold shield, etc…


You do not need to provide _all _of that but you do need a significant amount.

how long does it take for the flaregames team to transfer the accounts??? i have already submited the ticket on 23 05 15 … but i still havent received any reply from the team

Please wait at last 1 week. Also you have submitted the ticket 23 that wass saturday and the next days was sunday so as i know they don’t work on weekend so please wait a bit =)

Also, when you do go to check status, just reply to the email they sent you.

i had an account on my laptop = windows 8 while i am using iphone= ios . do you have any solution to share and account between 2 devices ? or how could to transfer my account from laptop to my iphone ? TQVM

i lost my char after phone reboot to original version, then i install again royal revolt 2 app on my windows phone, then my char was gone and i’m must starting from the begining, please help how to login royal revolt 2 on windows phone?

So correct me if im wrong you cannot Transfer icloud account to android?

hey i have lost my acoount … i send a requst to support of flaregames …but i donot receive any reply from there… its beeen 2 days i cant get accesss to my previous account… please help me staff… to recover my account…!

Maybe wait after weekends… their off duty