Can Irmgard heal ?

Does Irmgard have the ability to heal me and my troops? 

No, Tammy and Phoebe have that ability. Irmgard does blunt demage and has knockback ability

Yes it does i will do a video about it

It does ? Sorry for my last reply then, looking forward to see a video then!

he heals when he strikes


Thx very helpful ?

Is it worth to have it? If yes, then how much point (viking coin) I get when I brought 5 festival chests? (estimates)

around 5k coins and yes i think it’s worth but i suggest to upgrade it to lvl 7-8 if you want that he oneshots some speficic towers like bomb towers

Thank you so much. So I just only need to spend 900 gems to buy it right? as I already spend my point to buy the ring (only 1.5k left).


EDIT: It’s really worth even though it still at level 6! I’m not regretted for spending 900 gems. ?

No mention of heal on stats, only on savage irmgard beast.

I just tested irmgard on my base and it is like a life drain as he melee attacks

Hello, yes the Irmgard Pal heals your troops/hero when attacking (primary attack), we will add the Heal amount in the stats in a future update, this is a confirmed bug/missing display stat.

Thanks flo. Also, can you include the zombie attack of Bela as well in the stats of both pal and beast, since there is no official stat and people may not know that it can also do this. Thanks!

As promised:


Does it heal troops as well, or only the king?

Yes it does. It heal both hero and troops.