Can my phone can run Royal Revolt 2? and Smooth?

its this topic who make me create this topic :

Why i create this? to explain how Hardware is, what hardware do and what are the problem you meet,etc…Maybe 98% of you will not understand but I will try

First like PC the majority think you can use any phone with any specs to run any games. Wrong, wrong and again wrong

Video games its not like play baseball and you have just to hit the ball and bingo. Video games its more like electric,mechanics and others complex stuffs. You need to know each details to able to play video games at the maximum advantages

like PC video games on mobiles demand some specific specs to run smooth,nice and fast who will cause no crash,no bugs and no problems. Some phone have specs too much low to able to handle some video games

Here the majority of players complains and put all the fault on Flare because the majority don’t understand what is Hardware or specs in first place. So let’s me explain each stuffs and I will try to take a list of each phone and see if some can or can’t run RR2 properly

  1. I will start with each Hardware and what they do

CPU : central processing unit (Processor)

This is the masterpiece of your device. its the brain of your device. like on PC. its the CPU who control all of your phone. Better is the CPU and better your phone will be good and worst its the CPU and worst your phone will be. CPU do complex calculation and all

Normally its the GPU (Graphic Card) who determinate how fast the graphic appear but on a phone its the CPU who did all

RAM : Random Access Memory

RAM is enough essential and determinate how fast and smooth a game will run. If you RAM is too much low then good chance your game will offering low FPS. Better is your RAM and better your games will run fast so better FPS

FPS : Frame per second

FPS determinate how fast the game will run. by example if you games run at 10 FPS the game will lagging,freeze and more. Really a pain to see.On PC if you run a game at this speed you will do damage to your hardware because you demand to run a game your PC cannot run so all your fan run at maximum and all hardware overheat. Not recommended. On Phone sadly i don’t think there is app who can show FPS. If your game lag,freeze or crash. Good chance your FPS is below 30 FPS because of lack of hardware

30 FPS is the minimum a game should run to able to play it but if you want the maximum experience try to have a phone who do 60 FPS with no FPS drop. That why the importance to have a good gaming phone is important

  1. Android vs IOS

like on PC some games run better on AMD hardware then NVIDIA hardware and vice versa. In Royal Revolt 2 or any others games its the same. Some run better on Android and others on IOS. If you want the maximum of experience Android is recommended. Developer well the majority of developer prefer work on Android when they create mobiles games. So that why if you do some research in google. you will learn Android is build to run games smooth and without problem. Its the first reason why some games or the majority are release on Android first and developer try to adapt the game on IOS after.Windows phone by example are not designed for gaming and are not recommended. Your games can run but its not recommended at all cost. You will obtain low result

3.what are the hardware recommended then?

RAM : if your phone have 1 GB then you must forget video games. its too much low. 2 GB of RAM is the minimum requirement. For optimal result you need a 4 GB RAM phone. but 2 GB can pass

CPU : Minimum 2 Ghz below that its not recommended for video games.

4.Internet Speed

Yeah like hardware. Internet speed have a crucial role of how your video games will run. I means about online games.

I think all of you know Download speed its for download. How speed you can download a photo,music or else. Not for gaming. Nothing to do on gaming. Same if you have 1 Gbps

the most important is your Ping (ms) who will determinate the result in your games

Ping : How time your device need to reach the server of your ISP (internet Provider)

what you need to know is up 100 ms the result is too much horrible. Suffer lag and freeze and what I call infinite jump respawn due to low ping by example in a FPS online

in Royal Revolt 2 you must be between 1 ms and 70 ms  but its not impossible at 100-150 its can be ok. between 500-800 can run ok but slow not on the moment when you open chests can take 10 seconds before all stuffs appear. Over 1000+ forget video games

the best to know what is your internet speed you have its to do a speedtest : download the speedtest app make by Ookla for precise details

I will give a example :

Like you can see its the main reason why I don’t have any crash,freeze or problem in Royal Revolt 2 over 3 years on PC

  1. Powerful Specs (Eight Core Processor at 3.40 Ghz and 16 GB RAM)

2.Powerful and Fast internet (Ping at 30 ms)

  1. FPS at 60 without any drops

3 main factor you must check to know if you can run RR2 properly : Hardware specs : CPU and RAM Speed that means 2 Ghz and 2 GB RAM , FPS minimum 30 and Ping minimum 100

Hope this topic will help you understand more. Hope so. I hope you have enjoy. Thank you if you have read all

So here the 4 specs you can have like on PC

Out for gaming not recommended Spec

Processor : 1 Ghz

Ram : 1 GB

FPS : below 30

Ping : Over 100 ms

(Minimum Spec) (Still not recommended for gaming. Will result in random problem)

Processor : 2 Ghz

RAM : 2 GB

FPS : 30

Ping : 100+

(Medium Spec) (OK)

Processor : over 2 Ghz

RAM : 2 GB

FPS : 40

Ping : 60

(Recommended Spec) (Perfect)

Processor : Over 2 Ghz

RAM : 4 GB+

FPS : 60

Ping : 1-40

5.Others Factors

on mobiles its ok to check hardware,FPS and Ping but there is others factor who can influence the performance in a game

by example where I live i have no clue why in my house on Wi-Fi its the 2.4 Ghz mode who offer me phenomenal result and on 5 Ghz its horrible on my Ipad. Low FPS,low Ping and low range.So I have forget 5 Ghz mode and I am connected on 2.4 Ghz mode in permanence

Sadly the list is not over its possible the kind of router you use can have a role in your gaming experience. Some router are just horrible and offer bad quality. My previous D-Link was so horrible that I have change for Netgear but again I got a worst one. This time I have take time to buy the best router for gaming. So yeah some router just don’t do the job for the best gaming experience

and the list continue many others factor can influence a worst experience in a game. Like bad server of your ISP. in 2017 and earlier its because of my ISP if I was not able to do online games. The result in FPS,Ping and others was horrible. So your ISP can be one cause of why RR2 don’t run well or give you ton of bugs and problems

and the list can be more long If I wanted so much factors influence gaming.

in majority :

  • Hardware

  • FPS

  • Ping

  • Router

  • WI-Fi Mode

  • ISP

  • Interference and others

  • Mobiles who have expire his lifespan of 2 years

  • IOS versions (version 10 until 11.3.2 on my Ipad have drain my battery life in few minutes and caused crazy overheating. Only IOS 12 have solve the problem)

So its the main reason why Flare cannot fix the majority of bugs related to each players crash,freeze and others.Because its too much complex to know where the problem is first? Player devices,Player ISP internet,Player interference that make appear a bug, Player slow internet, FPS drop,etc… the list its too much long. Can be 100% Players fault or Flare fault no one know. Apple fault with bad IOS version,etc…

its the main reason why when we play on mobiles 0% of games are perfect and cannot run perfect and have crash,freeze,slow reaction and more. There is so much factors.

by example my ipad Air 2 have finish his lifespan of 2 years. I will have no choice to change it soon for a Ipad Pro. My game crash,freeze and offer bad results. I know its my own fault to continue to play on a expired Ipad. So that I why I will not create any feedback or complain about bugs or problem in each game. Its my own fault.


Dear Warriornator, I found this mobile phone


CPU: Octa-Core 2.5GHz,


ROM: 64 GB

FPS ??? 

PING: 43

Is it going to run RR2 smoothly ?  shall i buy it (137 EUR) ?