Can only watch 1 ad. After that dont load till game restart

Can only succesfully watch 1 ad per game restart. When I try to watch the second video I get a white screen which disappears after a second.

Apparently it also takes away from my ad count because after I had this bug a couple of times I was out of offers.

Im not even expecting a response by flare because they dont care anyway. Just want to know if others have a similar problem.

I don’t have a problem getting ads, but I have a problem getting ads that work. I get ads that you cannot exit other than exiting the game itself. It’s a 50/50 shot at whether you get the decrease in time or a free chest. I cannot watch ads the rest of the time after I get one of those ads

Try clicking the Download button on those ads that you cannot exit. It will minimize the game and open the Windows Store. Just close the Store and click back on the game.

Works for me.

It’s not just you. Something is going on with the ads.

Mine loop on repeat and force me to exit the game or click download on the add.  

Although- I’m able to watch many and always get chests or quicker upgrades.

I am now no longer having this issue with ads. All is working as its supposed to.


I believe that is actually in the ad itself. They have an ad for 10-15-30 sec and after that get an “endscreen” on which they can put a video or a picture. They try to trick you into watching the ad for longer as it were. Once you see the bar at the bottom fill up once you can exit the ad and collect your reward.

Yes, but mine often don’t give me that option. They just keep playing over and over. No way to physically exit the add without closing out of the game itself. 

Exit button not present.

On my phone I can swipe from the right edge of the screen and out comes a menu that has a “back” button on it. Dont know if it’s the same for you but thats how I usually exit those ads.

If you really can’t exit those ads then I would make a ticket so flare has a look at it.

I only play on my PC. It doesn’t bother me that much to exit the game and log back in… but I might have a ticket created if it continues. :slight_smile:  

I created a ticket last month about it. They only responded saying my feature might not make it into the game, but they thank me for my suggestion.

Yes, this is happening to me as well on my iphone 4s. Usually the first ad works and then after that when the ad finishes I just get a white screen that doesn’t allow me to click or do anything but to exit the game. Additionally, it doesn’t count that I watched the advertisement when I get the white screen at the end. @FTB

Also the new “interactive ads” seems to have this problem even if you just restarted your game or not.

Actually now even the first ad only gives a reward (instead of an unclickable white screen) like 10% of the time…

Same here, I exit and enter again after watching an ad for a chest…not there. Then I see the the gift is hopping up and down again. I can watch another ad!! But when I click it, it says, “No ad available” Then I exit out of daily prizes and VOILA!! There is my chest!! I open it and get the usual unhappy results. Instead of a legendary gold item I get a legendary pearl item lol

Some of my alliance member-accounts have been denied 3 weeks of ads…

FailGames sure is good at fixing their “animal/human byproduct”. 

Sorry getting less patience by the day. So these accounts get online once a day to help the alliance with donations and some random upgrade but the joy is out the door.