can someone explain this.

hello, i just fought someone and got destroyed really fast. Not saying that is rare but i got curios to what the level of the player was and i got shocked o.o the person was level 41… I’m level 68 (since i started i have played everyday)

im not saying he hacks or whatever i just dont understand how someone can get this strong on that level… Maby i’ve bin doing something wrong.

thanks in advance.

In my opinion, either you used a wrong combo on this base or your raiding technique was just  not effective, or maybe that player put a little bit more effort into upgrading his defense and maybe you offense wasn’t enough for his base. I would suggest trying to attack him a few more times, with different strategy and combo, I bet with each attack the outcome would be better.

Well it seems to me hes got probably max defense or almost max.Theres no way level 41 king can reach 2200 trophies and hes a one star player as well, most definitely dont play much.

look him up he is level 41, and try his defense… Its insane

sure i’m not that good, but if it where the case that i did something wrong i would not have made this post, heck i’d be making these post every day if that were the case. I just can’t understand how a level 41 can have a castle gate of level 20 it’s just beyond me… All his towers where upgraded so insanly high…

May be donate

He would have spent $1000s to gem and max every tower. But maybe he does not play much as @Fii Nami said. His all troops could be max, who knows since there is no limit on buying gems.

It is possible with money, he might buy king level next lol

Yes, i thought about it but would u not be a higher level then 41 seeing as u also need a lot of gold to upgrade stuff (and for that u need to fight and gain exp)

Just realised he has a max throne room/gate as he reached maximum tower and obstacle number. So not sure tbh, it itself requires lots of gold so not sure how he managed to collect gold without playing too much, first 2-3 leagues are easy to win without much effort, even at low level. Don’t think gathering video chests would allow to collect required gold either. Maybe gemming is the answer, but at the same time his AT is low level. Idk, won’t hurt if you report it to Flare to invastigate. We have seen hackers in the game who boosted their offense, maybe others do the same for defense, who knows.


You may all know that gold can be collected by spending gems. I think he doesn’t care about anything except defense.

Thats true, just seems insane someone would buy that many gems o.o than again people do weirder stuff. Thanks everyone for the insight…


I will raid his base after war because his medal count is of an ordinary base for me. Must be Bill Gates. :stuck_out_tongue:  

haha that would explain everything lol! What is your level if i may ask? And when u fight his defense would u mind letting me know the result?

I am Level 85. You can check my ign. My trophies are less since I had dropped them. I will raid him after war since I have to fight 10 battles on multiple fronts at times. Sure, I’ll post the result on this thread. I will also do a general assessment of that base.

Here you go. His troops aren’t that high level but yeah high for level 41. His initial 4-5 skull towers seemed of level 7-8+. Some even near max. As you completed the first turn and went more towards the left, the towers were of low level, but again of more than decent level for 41 hero level. Once you complete the u-turn it is a normal base of level 53-58. The waves are ok, for a level 60. Definitely, the base for his level is too good and the initial skull towers are of a level 90+. He has invested a lot of money on initial skull towers. Overall, you could say the base was of a Level 60 leaving the skull towers out. It is obvious he has spent a lot of gems and he would have got a lot of trophies as the initial skull towers would have trapped the hero, plus waves are decent for a level 60 player. (OP for level 40). 

He has lightning towers aswell lol. Yeah, the answer is money money money.

No Unit / tower straight line gold trading with another account(s) could do this as well.  Get very little xp and can keep upgrading your base.  The real tell tale would be account creation, but I doubt @Alysea could provide that.

I don’t think that is the case as it would require multiple accounts. His all castle buildings seem to be maxed and from my raid, his other towers were not  super high level. Just the initial 4-5 towers were of high level. Yes, he also had 1-2 LT in the base. The troops were not maxed as I could oneshot his arbs. But still the level was high for a level 41 king. The most simple answer to this puzzle is $$$.

This is possible because of a bug…

& flare is trying to fix this…

No hack just a bug…