Can someone explain to me why Flare made Blizzard so inconsistent?

What I mean is, the spell appears to deal its damage in random values. I’ve seen this too many times - in one (and the same) run, you will 1-shot Wolves with it, but then in the same exact run - where Wolves have the same exact stats - a single Blizzard will not kill them. And I don’t mean don’t kill the Wolves by a sliver of health, more by like ~5-20%. As we all know, Healing cannot be possibly affecting the outcome, as Blizzard’s damage is instantaneous, while Health Regeneration is an over time effect.

The damage Blizzard deals also seems to vary, and vary the most on the very edges of its range. No other spell in the game does that - deal less damage at the far end of its range, but with Blizzard it’s impossible not to notice that something’s going wrong. This makes me sad, because Blizzard is one of my favorite spells in this game.

Why hasn’t Flare done anything about it for a year?

flare loves fire nd hates ice…dont ask me y,that’s the truth

Are you sure the wolves are not boosted by a howl? This war, dying archers release a howl (tribal archer)

As far as I know, that howl (battlecry) only increases nearby units’ Attack Speed, doesn’t make them tougher in any way.

But even aside from that, Blizzard not killing things it can effectively 1-shot in the same dungeon happens regardless of whether Wolves are boosted or not.

ballet cry makes the uniting 50%-70% more resistant to all damage

It make them tougher too.

Okay, that’s good to know (another example of lack of information available in the game, by the way). Even the Battlecry scroll spell’s description in game  does not mention that your units take less damage when the effect goes off. It only says your units become faster, do more damage and the Howl removes slow and panic effects - you literally have to read this up on Wikipedia to know.

But that’s besides the point and not what I’m referring to.

When I talk about Blizzard hitting units very far away, on the every edge of its range (and I mean mainly Wolves), the Werewolf and other units are so far away (6+ range), all very much alive still, meaning no boosts have even had the chance to activate, since neither the Werewolf or the Archers accompanying it have died at that point. If you’re hitting an incoming Werewolv from a 6+ range with Blizzard on a single, straight path (not over the path at areas where paths directly connect to one another), the Wolf has not even Howled yet (they only do that once they’re extremely close to your King or have stopped moving, essentially), and in those situations sometimes they die instantly and sometimes they don’t. This doesn’t make sense.

Probably it’s either your gear changed (less blizzard boost, because you switched to war gear and vice versa) or the enemy has a higher level wolf and better perks than the one you fought earlier where you could one shot it.

I have never ever seen a blizzard dealing inconsistent damage. I have been using it for at least 2 years as my main spell. I never switch it out, never.

Are you sure that your scenario happens in the same raid?

And wolf howl and battlecry scroll are different. I have never used battle cry scroll but I am pretty sure it acts like Howl Guardian Beast his howl. The Guardian beast does not give additional resistance where as the normal wolf does. You can verify it buy letting the Guardian beast howl in range of a wolf. Even if he gets the effect of the guardian beast the resistance doesn’t get higher. I think it was meant to balance the guardian beast.

BTW a wolf doesn’t only howl when he is close to your king, he howls when he is close to any unit.

The wolves boost themselves with their howl. When boosted it boosts itself AND other troops. When un-boosted it DOES boost itself

Yes indeed, you can test & see this easily yourself:

@AzureKnight Place a wolf as first unit in your first wave and test your own defence 2 times.

First time use blizzard before the wolf can howl and in your second run cast blizzard after the wolf has howled.

It doesn’t seem effective enough against necromancers.

Sigh, they do use Howl (boost themselves) but NOT until they come in contact with another unit (are forced to stop close to it and transition into their melee attacks, after Howling of course. First the move > run into enemy unit > howl > then attack. Except they don’t always Howl when colliding with enemy units either). Meaning you can 1-shot them with Blizzard from 6+ range, except that sometimes that doesn’t kill even an unboosted Werewolf.

Do you finally understand?

It is, even against boosted ones. The main deal is getting rid of the small skeletons, for which sometimes one Blizzard will be enough, other times not, but that’s why you have other spells, such as Firestorm, to finish them off. Then, even if 4 Necromancers are left standing with half or less HP, how can you and your army not kill them with or without your own Shout?

Battlecry and howl isn’t the same. Just as heal and blessing isn’t the same either 

I’m a blizzard user myself since I unlocked the spell, but I have not experienced your scenario of inconsistent damage…

I suggest you do some tests on your own base where you use blizzard on approaching wolves and perhaps record & share it to show us.

You probably remembered wrongly. Maybe you Mixed up different raids. As people have wolves at different levels and perks.

As Stated above I have never seen my blizzard behave as  inconstently as you described , nor have I heard of anyone having this issue.

Wolves definitely seem to get a small health boost after howling, see it all the time. The blizzard spell does seem to have inconsistent range though.

we can see this its true. Look Fire Aura Ring ridiculous just at +10 its over 2,200 damage per second and Blizzard Aura Ring at +2 its 405 damage per second. So its obvious Flare don’t like Ice. they are far to be equal in power. Fire Aura destroy all on the path and Blizzard nothing

Fire aura rocks ! Got mine at 3700 damage. Its really helps during ninja events. I didn’t buy the blizzard ring, I knew it would’nt beat my fire ring. And I had to buy some blizzard spell perked item during this festival. +50K perk total now for my beloved blizzard spell.