Can someone test my base?

I’m trying out a base design I’ve never seen before and I’d like some feedback.

What you see are all the towers I have (I invest more into offense than into defense). The first lane is a mixture of Snake and Frost Towers. The idea is that since Snake towers use DoT, and since their damages don’t stack, you can get full damage out of just two towers. There’s also a boatload of mummies in the first 3 waves to provide Melee damage.

The middle lane is entirely Arblasters. They provide support for the first lane. In the second lane, the opponent is also bombarded by the towers in the third lane.

The third lane, too, is Arblasters. For the same reason.

The top square, then, is a Firebolt trap tower + bomb towers (because that’s all I had left).

I chose this base over the typical N design for three reasons:

  1. With ranged units becoming more prevalent, I think it makes sense to have more overlap space. I always felt that in the N design, the last lane was all Melee, so the hero could just charge through it with his spells and take everything to the ground without taking much damage.

  2. It seems like many kings take over overlap spaces to kill the Firebolts and protect their units, then take a break to regenerate. Kind of like an intermission. But with more overlap space, you can’t do that. So it keeps the king running and fighting longer, being more likely to kill him before he can find a safe stopping point.

  3. Many kings like to use a Heal spell, but this base type greatly encourages offensive spells. You’re being hit by boosted Arblasters the entire time, against which, Sonic Blast and Bladestorm are useless. So it forces attackers to have to fill their 3rd slot with Swordrain if they ever want to protect their units.

Thoughts? Advice? Are there any weaknesses I’m not considering? Also, in case this base type becomes popular thanks to the new Arblasters, I would like to officially dub it, the Flappy Bird.

Oh, and about the Spike Traps! I forgot to explain those… Bladestorm and Swordrain have become /extremely/ popular. However, Spike Traps are immune to them. And since the towers are on the left side of the path, I don’t expect the king to use a Sonic Blast on the right side to destroy them from across the lane. So what I’m found is that, these spike traps do 3 things:

  1. Act as decoys for enemy units. They keep cannons at the choke points

  2. Constantly damage the king as he runs back and forth

  3. If the enemy king uses entirely Arblasters, the Arblasters will actually get stuck at the spikes, and will actually die by the spike trap alone.

Conclusion? Enemies who only use Arblasters and Mummies, are pretty much SOL if they forget to take out the spikes (which everyone does).

They’re not necessarily better than barriers, but with this design, there’s no way to add new barriers without them being spelled-against cross-lane.

I’ll go ahead and test your base once I have food sentinel, but sorry imma just do a plug-in “test my base too” LOL

Sure, thanks! (: My ign is Ovoneus. What’s yours?

My ignn is: xXAtlas1000Xx

So much gold… But I couldn’t “test” you because you’re online @.@


I always avoid bases with this design, because I almost always die, haha 


But I think you’re using it wrong, in my opinion Gargs and Mortars are the most deadly units for this base, you have none 


Ice Towers are probably the most useless thing in the game, you must be the only player using so many of them  :stuck_out_tongue:


I would test your base but my last League is over and I don’t want to start the next one at 2:38am (local time right now)

… and first Blockade + 2 of your Spike Traps can be destroyed with only 1 spell

I’m a poor player, don’t judge me (/).()

Gargs? Really? o.O Everyone else has always advised me against gargs. Says that they don’t last long enough •~• plus, with mummy, the gargs will target the mummy and spare the knights.

Hehe, yeah~ But most people choose to ignore the spike traps, it seems~ >=D

@Silver: I tested your base. Did not have fun with it

The only critique I have about your design, though, is that the layout goes bad with the units. Most of the units you use are Melee units, but your layout has a lot of overlap, which greatly benefits the enemy if they use ranged units such as Arblasters. You’ve got a lot of boosted units, so I would keep the overlap to a minimum and let the strength of your monsters push the enemy back. That alone would be enough to stop anyone.

@Sentinel: I see what you mean but my troops are fine, maybe because you aren’t the best at my league so you took it slow and not the pace people usually do with my base… And still die xD

@Silver: That’s what I’m saying, your troops are your best assets. Especially your Melee ones. But with so much overlap, they’ll get pelted by arbs and die to a Hero’s spell.

And I didn’t take it slow. I had 30sec to spare at the end xD In hindsight, I probably could’ve gone a little slower, but I wanted to clear the way so I could summon ogres.

To clarify, though, I do think that some overlap is good. The great thing about being on defense, is that with the steady stream of enemy units, most of your ranged units only need one spot to be able to wreak havoc, whereas the attacker needs a lot of overlap space. So I would say keep /some/ overlap, but just remove a little bit of it. Since you don’t use many ranged units, there’s no risk of an AoE weapon dealing too much damage, so you can afford to concentrate them at the enemy’s expense

Sentinel in this type of base with chokepoints you should add a restrictor element : Froster. It slows the hero and give time to the other enemies troops to attack him!

Ohhhh, that makes sense! I was kind of wondering why his path had so many twists and twirls. Usually the Frosters must slow him for the monsters to strike, then he goes along the path, and repeats. That’s a really good strategy to use against Healers 0: It didn’t work well on me because I’ve focused all my resources on Swordrain and Arblasters, but for Healers, I can definitely see how that would work 0: My bad

Sentinel I would recommend you remove all of your paladins and replace them with frosters, assuming your froster is max level or relatively high. They cost the same, so you wont be messing with your morale distribution. The reason i recommend this change is, the path you are using has a parallel lanes, or potential choke points to halt advancing troops. By using paladins in a design like this, they will likely be killed or severly weakened by ranged attack troops before they even reach the invading king or his troops. It amounts to a waste of morale. If you use frosters instead, they will constantly deal damage to advancing troops, while also slowing them down. Generaly this will slow down the king because he will have to go back to help his troops, or advance without them. Puts him in a position where he either has troops with him and moves a little slower, or goes solo and has little support for a while.

Ah, good point o.O I was using Paladins because they’re Swordrain-proof, but many people don’t have the same strategy I do. Thanks for the help! (:

you should get some of that ogre and werewolf action in the start, I always use it because people create there army especially at the start and its even better when you have elite werewolf to make the ogres strike to be even stronger

Haha, we aren’t quite at elite Werewolves yet ^_^’ plus I’d be afraid of them dying to Swordrain. For now I want to keep elite mummy as my start, since it takes so long to kill, this stalling them for my arbs on the other lane to pick off; but once those wear off, I’ll definitely go with Ogre + Wolf (:

Quick question: Which is better for the start: Ogre, or Mummy? Ogre is the clear choice right now because my mummy isn’t maxed level, but for future reference?

for a lot of people mummy isnt used for defense but ogre isnt used for attack sooooo…

I don’t see why people leave mummies out of their defense. They’re near-perfect against borders of Arblasters.