Can’t extend war blessings

Can you please fix the recent bug which won’t allow us to extend our war blessings to the end of the current season? Posting here as no reply in the thread for the server maintenance yesterday which caused the bug.



They’ve gone home for Christmas I think :slightly_frowning_face:   don’t think we’ll see any changes until January. 

Hmm, is there any change to normal war schedule? Because if not it means my alliance will lose 2 of our 5 war blessings for the last war.  ?

I know it’s the holidays now but we haven’t received a reply and now lost 2 of our war blessings. What a joke. Can’t seem to fix one thing without breaking something else.

I propose a fix whereby we all receive 5 k gems in compensation…

? I could probably let it slide then.

Did you send a ticket to support? I don’t think that would get a response, but I’m pretty sure nobody who matters is going to read it here until after the holidays. 

Yep, did that too. A few days ago

How long is flare closed for?  Do they not have ANYONE working between Christmas and New Year?  You’d think they’d have someone checking things for a day or two.

Maybe in the future they shouldn’t make any major server updates/game changes and then go directly on holiday.  Or have a two week war break over Christmas/New Year since they aren’t around to deal with problems.

Closed until next week. 

A bit late now as the war season is over, but would’ve thought there would be a reply by now.  Hopefully this issue is solved so it doesn’t happen again.  I know that some alliances are still able to prolong their war blessings longer than the current season so there are still issues which need to be fixed.

Hi skellz,

Thanks for posting this. I know the war season is already over, however, we will look into it :grinning:

Don’t you think the “wink wink” emote sends sort of the wrong message?

Hi, our alliance is facing same problem. We can’t prolong war blessings in current season.

alliance name ?WarCry 13й ЛЕГИОН?

yes, I’m surprised at the lazy response from flare (though maybe I shouldn’t be).  There is an obvious problem in the game that directly advantages some teams over others and there doesn’t seem to be any concern or motivation whatsoever to fix it.

I’m surprised as well. Maybe this is a problem that is super duper hard to fix. Ok! I would accept that. Let us know! Let us know that today, Monday January 14th, there is a person assigned to reviewing this problem. Right now it feels like this may or may not be a difficult problem to fix, but it feels like it’s not a top priority. But letting it linger on and on like this isn’t fair to the teams that have to face alliances with extra blessings, and it isn’t fair to the teams who get hit with a bug and get slandered on the forums because of it.

And it’s DEFINITELY not fair to alliances who have EARNED blessings removed. That’s nuts!

It has been 6 days, is somebody looking into it??  Effectively the bug has been there for almost a month

People are losing bloody earned trophies because of that crucial bug. The next war is in less than 72h. How would you expect people without blessing fighting same league teams with blessings on? 

We would like to see a timely update from developers on solution for such an issue ?rather than “winking smiles”.


@Madlen @Sasch - any updates?

Hey @skellz, We’re working on it. Does your alliance still have the problem or is everything correct now for the current season?