Can the succes rate of forging somehow be improved?

After 3 upgrades i only have a 25% succes rate and lose 100 pearls a time, is this normal?


Can i somehow improve the succes rate?

You can’t improve it … it is how it is. Be sure to always have enough pearls for two potential forges, always a second forge will be 100% a success.

That’s good to know, shame i closed it after the first fail.

Yeah, don’t close it, just make sure to have enough pearls for two forges.

That alone shows the forging is rigged.  If it’s at 25%, for example, it shouldn’t always result in success the 2nd attempt.  

And it wasn’t at the beginning when blacksmith got introduced. Each forge you always had same percentage of success, so sometimes you could forge something 100 times and it was a fail each time. After complaints of players Flare changed it that way that every 2nd attempt will have 100% success rate.



In the interest of transparency, They should just change the wheel to show 100% after the first spin then, IMO

Maybe you are right, it would be clear for everyone. Anyway, like I said, have enough pearls for two forges. If you close the forge screen after 1st attempt, next try you start from beginning.

Got lucky and had succes on 1st try just now. :grinning:

Incorrect. You can make the 2nd forge attempt 3-4 days later if you wish, the 100% success chance will still remain. No need to wait therefore to have enough pearls for 2 attempts. Go as soon you can make 1. In case of fail you can always come back later.

Nope. Lolol.   Not sure if above is true.   I am with mag here

I can guarantee what Mag said is wrong. If you dont want to believe then test it out. I was under the same notion before but it is indeed not the case. 

The game doesn’t forget if your first attempt was a fail, even if you close the game. I hope @Alysea can confirm.

Maybe it’s a bug, but I had to forge my blizzard 4 times when I didn’t have enough pearls for two goes the first two time, like Lolol I thought going back with 300 later would work, but it didn’t.

Because it doesn’t work like that. You cannot come back later for 2nd attempt, although Lolol claims he is right. You either have pearls for two attempts or next time you try there also will be max 2 forges, so in total you will spend much more to forge one thing. If Lolol claims he came back later and his “second” attempt was a success it is only because he got lucky with his 1st attempt.

Yup. Guaranteed. Does not work and I don’t have so much pearls to experiment.  But safest approach is to have twice the pearls and not worry about it 

The game doesn’t remember your first attemp, second try is a success only if you do it immediately after failing.

I’m on the fence here, just tested a 500 and 450 pearl forge with very low %'s for success.  I forged a crown, failed, went back to the main screen, then back into inventory and tried again, success.  Then I figured it may be tied to the session, so I did a pair of boots at 450 pearls, failed first forge, restarted the game and went back and had a success.  I have a few more items to forge in a few hours.  For one of them, I’ll close the game and let it disconnect completely (wait 2:15) and then come back and try the forge.  If it works, Lolol might be correct.

I do believe the session needs to be ended. Though restarting the game won’t necessairly end the session, in my opinion, tested it when events were out and a simple restart didn’t turn the event on, it needs 5 min or so, so the game has time to “disconnect” you.

Depends on what you are forging. Items have to be forged right after a failed attempt. On troops and spells I have always been successful on the 2nd no matter how long it has been. I have forged skull perks 5 times before learning about the 2nd reroll.