Can the succes rate of forging somehow be improved?

I just tested a full disconnect with skull gear, single forged a 500 pearl item, closed game and waited 5 minutes.  When I reconnected, I forged another item successfully after 2 attempts and went back to the original skull item and failed the first forge.  I’m fairly certain it will work this way with troops as well, but it’s harder to prove as troops have a chance of success to begin with.  Can’t test that until tomorrow, but will post results doing a similar test.  


This is interesting, never heard of it.


Anyway, I’ve always had enough pearls for 2 attempts and never made any tests on this, just prefered to be sure and have enough pearls. Since Flare introducted that 2nd 100% success rate, I’ve seen both on forum and on fb many complaints that “2nd attempt doesn’t work, that they lied to us, promised 2nd will be always a success but I failed” etc, and  this happened to them because they didn’t make that 2nd attempt straight after 1st one. I based my opinion on that, however, I can’t be sure if Flare didn’t change that in the meantime, who knows.  Maybe now 2nd attempt will awlays work, in the past for sure it worked a little bit different.

Sample set for troops was small, so I can’t verify if it’s accurate or not, but tried with knights, pallies, and archers.  Paladin’s upgraded the first time, archers and knights failed.  Disconnected for 10 minutes, knights and archers both succeeded.  Can’t test spells for another few days, but will try again with that.  As @William22 wrote, items seem to have the only lack of memory so far.