Can Toxic Cloud still reach 4.0s Slowdown?

Here’s my situation.

I’ve been sitting at the 3.9s Slowdown perk for like 2 months now and have perked Slowdown at least like 16 times ever since it was stuck on 3.9s.

The problem is, perking it past the 3.9s mark always shows that it will add an exact “0.00s” more, which is, well, exactly zero. At first I thought there might’ve been some rounding down issue with the number displayed after the decimal (cause the first time you reach the 3.9s mark, the next upgrade actually adds like 0.02s or 0.01s for a while), but as mentioned, I’ve perked it like 16 times since and it still hasn’t reached the 4.0s mark.

Another reason why I’m asking about this is, I recall seeing the “4.0s” duration displayed in one of Flothaboss’ videos AFTER the last change to Toxic Cloud, which is the last time it was nerfed. Because of that, I think that now only those players who have perked Toxic Cloud’s slowdown to the exact 4.0s before said nerf are able to achieve the magical 4.0s breakpoint, while everyone who has not perked it prior to this can no longer achieve this.

That said, at this point I’m just looking for some confirmation on whether or not it is even possible anymore…

From 3.9 to 4.0 u need 20 to 25times forges

From 3.9s to 4.0s is so small, does it really even matter?

Anyway, as Meng said, you can still obtain 4.0, but it’ll take some time

You need to forge 56 times on slowdown alone to reach 4.0s slowdown





@AzureKnight based on the images above, it looks like you just have to forge slowdown 5 more times. 

rmd has forged his TC 76 times and has 85.00% cooldown (next forge, -0.95%). You have forged your TC 73 times and have 83.32% cooldown (next forge -0.50%). That means you have 2 more cooldown forges than rmd and you have forged your TC a total of 3 less times than rmd. Therefore you only have to forge your slowdown 5 more times to obtain 4.0s slowdown!!

Oh thank you guys, that’s the kind of confirmation I was looking for.

I was just losing hope that I might be forging the Slowdown forever and it actually increased by 0.00s each time, haha, so it’s nice to have this reassurance that yes indeed, it is possible to get the 4.0.

Thanks a bunch boys!

It’s not exactly zero. It’s something bigger than 0.00 and smaller than 0.005, so it ends up rounded to 0.00.

This happens because Flare capped it at 2 decimals. With 3 or 4 decimals you would see a number bigger than 0.

And yes, you can still get to 4.0s, but it’s not exactly 4.0s either. The real number is between 3.95 and 4.0 (probably very close to exactly 3.95s).

thank you for finding out @KamakshyaP :rr2ninja:
I try to reach it for months … but i havn’t count, so i have to wait for slowdown 4.0 :snail:

I have forged it 5 more times since by the way, still haven’t reached 4.0, so it must be quite a few more still, lol.

That’s weird, cause rmd had 4.0s cooldown at 76 forges. Maybe just one more forge will do it for you

Just to confirm and put this topic to rest, I did finally reach the miraculous 4.0s uptime on this ability, so yes it does work and it is possible to get it still in 2019, lol.

It was always possible.

It’s just up to the player to keep forging every week :wink:

Thats possible, i reached 4.0s 2 weeks ago.