Can u add a plot to the events ? (like soapopera episodes)

The one thing I enjoyed VERY much in RR1 is the storyline.

U r a young prince that went to magic school and when u got back your uncles and a witch killed your dad and took over the kingdom. And your hero being a VEEEEERY angry nephew gives them all a beat down, throws them to jail and claims back his throne.

All 4 usurpers had their own series of stages and by beating each one it took u one step closer to claiming the throne (RR1 would RULE if only the uncles and witch appeared as mini-bosses)

How about FG upgrades a current plot (e.g the ninja event) where in the final stage the chief pirate appears as miniboss and when u beat him he confesses that he s working for a corrupted Shogun and then in the next ninja event u fight in a japan themed background (already available) with the shogun appearing as the event boss, and when u beat him he ll say he works for the fat witch that escaped u from RR1 and when u beat her she ll confess that she works for the devil and then u ll fight him in the next event, and when u beat him too he ll say he works for AwesomestKnightest and when u beat him too, he ll say he works for Maerique, and when u beat him too he ll say that the final BIG boss is Madlen. In the ninja event with Madlen as the main villain all stages will have FG’s offices as a background.

With a plot like that I d eat popcorn while playing…more twists than Supernatural

Alongside the standard ninja rewards, FG could also give u the event boss for a limited time as a guardian or a primal beast (imagine Madlen as a Primal Beast…hi! hi! ), or reward u with a blueprint for a new contraption that u can permanently use in your castle defence (U miss the event or the first place u miss the blueprint) 

10/10 would play. Probably I would have a “ban” hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm on a more serious note, we are aware the there are many requests to make the Ninja boss fightable. But your overall idea would be to change the setting for every Ninja event, which would be not possible currently production-wise.

You are an out of a box thinker though - I like that! :slight_smile:

U know me so well Madlen :-)